Is Voinovich just the first brick to Fall from GOP’s Stonewalling Rhetoric?

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There is a crack daylight, that may topple the Republican’s Wall of Inaction.

Voinovich breaks with GOP to push for small-business incentives

Lori Montgomery, Washington Post Staff — Sept 10, 2010

Retiring Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) said he plans to help push a package of small-business incentives through the Senate next week, a move that would give President Obama and congressional Democrats a key victory on the economy in the final weeks before the November midterm elections.

In an interview, Voinovich said he could no longer support Republican efforts to delay the measure in hopes of winning the right to offer additional amendments. Most of the proposed GOP amendments “didn’t have anything to do with the bill” anyway, Voinovich said, and amounted merely to partisan “messaging.”

“We don’t have time for messaging,” Voinovich said. “We don’t have time anymore. This country is really hurting.”

Finally a Republican Senator with some Integrity, who is willing work for the folks, that Voted him into Office  (instead of working against their interests, for his own gain …)

Senator George Voinovich call for action amidst his Party’s Inaction, is hardly the norm for Republicans during the last few years.

Let me remind you of the what the Republican’s Grand Old Plan of Obstruction really was, despite all their “talking points” to the contrary.

You be the judge about “Who’s Interests” the Republicans were really worried about the last few years …

Sen. Jim DeMint calls defeating Obama like Waterloo…

“Patriotic” Rush Limbaugh wants Obama to fail…

Same Rush “Message” — Different Day…

John Boehner Defends Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich And Offers Up Social Security…

GOP Leader [Mike Pence] Opens The Door To Raising The Social Security Age…

Headzup: Republicans Change Their Minds On Filibuster [Mitch O’Connell]…

Rep. Alan Grayson: Republicans Are Using the Filibuster Rule to Disable the Government…

Great Idea Mr. Grayson — “lowering the Filibuster Threshold from 60 to 55 Votes.”  As you point out Sir, this has been done before, since the Filibuster Threshold at one time was 67, before the Senate changed the rules, to lower it to 60.  The Senate used to be a Wise Institution, wasn’t it — What happened?

So in theory, since it was done before. it can be done again, Right?.  Especially if the American People, wake up, and demand it, one assumes.

But in the meanwhile here’s a little Senate “Trick” that might put the Spotlight on where it belongs …

Use a “Procedural Vote” to cut the Bush Tax Cut vote, into 2 targeted interest groups:

one Bill for “the Millionaires” and one Bill for “the Middle Class”.

Let our Reps declare to the world, exactly who’s interests, they really support … exactly WHO they really represent …

President Obama:

“My position is, lets get done what we all agree on,” said the president. “What they’ve said is, ‘We all agree that the middle-class tax cuts should be made permanent. Let’s work on that, let’s do it.’ We can have a further conversation about how they want to spend an additional $700 billion dollars to give an average of $100,000 to millionaires. That, I think, is a bad idea. If you were going to spend that money there are a lot of better ways of spending it. But more to the point, these are the same folks who say they are concerned about the deficit — why would we borrow money on policies that won’t help the economy and help people who don’t need help.”


Sam Stein:

The compromise proposal most often discussed is to have a temporary extension of all tax cuts, after which Congress can re-consider expiration.

But the White House appears to be homing in on a procedural, not a policy, compromisepledge to have two votes: the first on extending the cuts for those making less than $250,000 followed by a second vote on extending the cuts for the wealthy. The former is, as polls show, deeply popular and could get the support of those moderate Democrats provided that a second vote takes place. The latter, owing to opposition among the majority of Democrats in the Senate, may not have the votes for passage.

Obama Hints At Procedural Compromise On Bush Tax Cuts, Says GOP’s Holding ‘Middle Class Hostage’ Sam Stein, HuffingtonPost, 09-10-2010

Split the Tax Cut Vote into TWO Votes — and begin to Hold GOP Rhetoric Hostage!

Haven’t we had Enough, of playing “nice” with Republicans?

Like Republican, George Voinovich has said

We don’t have time anymore. This country is really hurting.”

The time for Stonewalling Games, should be Over

Obstructionists don’t be surprised when the America People, show you the door, for your “planned” Obstruction — for YOUR Failure to DO the People’s Business!

Remember when Karl Rove “had the real numbers” predicting a Republican Landslide, a few years ago?

How’d that one turn out for ya, GOP-gamesters?

It seemed then, that the “majority” of the American People — weren’t buying the “protect the Wealthy” BS they were selling then —

I’m betting that those SAME American People won’t be buying the SAME old tired GOP Rhetoric — they’re pedaling now, either!  It hasn’t changed much, has it?

I’m betting that those SAME American People, will see the GOP Rhetoric for what it is —

a blatant attempt to Hold the future of the Middle Class Hostage, as President Obama has smartly said.

Barack Obama – When you want to go forward in your car, what do you do?…

Barack Obama – Let me say this, Milwaukee.…

It’s time that the American People, continue to Hold the GOP accountable for their “Game-Playing” — all the while, REAL Americans were really hurting

It’s time that the American People, give the President and the Democrats a REAL Majority in the House and Senate.  

Majorities immune from the GOP Game-sters and Hate-Merchants, that some how dare to call themselves a Political Party — a Party totally bankrupt of any Ideas and Integrity — if the last two years of “planned stonewalling” are to be any guide, to the GOP’s real allegiances and intentions.

One Hint:  It wasn’t average Workers, they were trying to protect.


Can the GOP’s Stonewalling Rhetoric withstand the Reality they’ve Ignored?

I think the American People are MUCH Smarter, than the GOP gives them credit for … and that answer will be NO!

Let the Gamescome to an End.

It’s time for Americans to continue to “Stay the Course” were on …  to give those of “good intention” a chance to complete the Job … that they were elected to do.

Afterall all How many years did we “give” President Bush — the American People, are a patient bunch, when it comes down to it.

Dems you just got to show, YOUR Ideas are worth waiting for — worth fighting for!

I think you can do this.  Afterall Doing the People’s Business … IS More than “Just a Game” to you Democrats, isn’t it?

Time will tell.


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    • jamess on September 11, 2010 at 01:46

    Barack IS the only President,

    we’ve got, about now.

    It could be worse.

    • jamess on September 11, 2010 at 02:30

    once the GOPhers realize,

    the People are wising up to their Hypocrisy.

    The rats may start jumping in droves, from

    that sinking ship — the SS GOP Obstruction,


    • Xanthe on September 11, 2010 at 04:55


    Instead of the usual speeches – pass good legislation.  Did they?  No.  

    I don’t know what else to say james.

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