Game On.

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Okay then.

Gibbs re-affirms today that this WH is at war with The Left.  He didn’t ‘misspeak’, it wasn’t a faux pas or a moment of frustration. The man is a professional wordsmith, message-crafter and spin master. He meant it, every word. No apologies, no remorse, no walking it back. No shame.

I get it. I get the message loud and clear.

“I don’t think [liberal voters won’t show up],” he said, “because I think what’s at stake in November is too important to do that.”

Oh really?

Watch. my. dust.

Coke? or Pepsi? I’ll have a Dr. Pepper please.

Or put another way… the GOP … we know this for sure … they will fvck us in the ass dry. So, we are supposed to vote Dem because… why? well, at least they bring the K-Y.

Well, sorry. Thats just not good enough for me.

Okay, sorry, but honestly, Gibbs just shrunk their Big Tent and it was obviously intentional, obviously part of their strategy. They don’t want us.

Does he stand by the comments? “Yes,” he replied.

I hear you, dude, I fucking hear you.

The Left, professional, amateur, or however you wanna qualify it, is not only not part of their base, but they see us actually as an/the opposing team. No pretense left now, no kumbaya, no united STATES of America (2004 Dem Convention speech), no “we’re all in this together” shit. No. We’re not. Team Obama has nudged us aside from minute one and all Gibbs is doing now is admitting it out loud. Not like we didn’t know it all along, but it’s just out in the open now.

Phew. What a relief.

Maybe now we can actually get back to work.



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    • Edger on August 12, 2010 at 01:20

    to buy a lifejacket….

    • Mu on August 12, 2010 at 02:24


     . . . this is what I wrote a little earlier on HuffPo:

    Congressman Grayson’s even more generous to Gibbs than I would be. I’d be calling Gibbs an ingrate: nice, well-paid, perk-laden, prestigious White House job brought to him by all those enthusiastic progressives who worked, sweated, gave, and voted for Barack Obama. And now uber ingrate tells ’em all to shut up and go wait in the car.

    Yup, Grayson was too easy on ‘im. But I still agree with everything the Congressman said and thank him for saying it.

     Alan Grayson’s a national treasure.  


    • melvin on August 12, 2010 at 03:51

    devoted to DADT. By my count she has called out Gibbs three times so far. Not by name, but the message is very clear: bring it, bitch.

  2. for the bump.

    Im just getting warmed up. heh.

  3. They have abandoned liberalism writ large, as in “the enlightenment.”  It was nice while it lasted, an embittering to lose.

    • Mu on August 12, 2010 at 04:18


     If a movement starts, a movement of Liberals, of Progressives, of Democrats and Independents who (1) believed Obama would fight, relentlessly, for us (even for the jerks, who don’t “get” that we’re more on their side than the freakin’ GOP); and (2) are at the end of our various ropes at the ingratitude, the nastiness, coming out of the White House towards us, a movement to BOYCOTT this November’s Federal Elections (while still voting for City, County and State Officials/Governors), then what’s the worst case scenario?

     1.  Republicans take the House.

     2.  Republicans diminish the Democrats’ Senate majority to the barest minimum.

     And, then, what happens?  

     Obama feels he has to suck up to the GOP?  Well, hell, he does that now anyway.

     Little to nothing substantive gets done on Capitol Hill?  Well . . . ?

     Obama “has to” nominate only moderates to the Supreme Court? Well, as if . . .

     And, seems to me, come the 6-9 month run-up to the 2012 General Election, Obama realizes that he has to start fighting, really fighting, against the GOP if he wants to have an prayer of winning.  Democrats fight, really fight, to show the degree to which House and Senate Republicans have made a bad thing worse.

     But mostly, Obama and the DNC will realize that it can’t tell us to “F-off” any more.  That they NEED the millions and millions of Progressives’ help.  Then we’re back in the driver’s seat.

     Just sayin’ . . .

     Heh, just thinking:  many here may disagree with such an idea.  I can take it.  But over at Orange — Lord love a duck!  — I couldn’t even hint at this!  There’d be embolisms and heart attacks and all the nation’s fainting couches would be worn out in a matter of minutes!



  4. Gibbs Just Did His Job… Told America What the White House Thinks of Progressives; So here’s what we have to do…

    Gibbs reflected the conversations he’s hearing inside the White House. He reflected what Obama, Emanuel and the other DINO lying corporatist, bankster-suck-ups are saying behind closed doors. We got a brief glimpse into how they truly think. With the defeat of Colorado’s Romanoff, the White House’s attitude that the progressives are un-necessary may have been reinforced. We have to get organized and exert our power!

    Check out the article and great pic of Gibbs–

    right here

  5. Gibbs: Hey Big B., how about amateur leftists?

    Obama: No you fool, amateurs will just make us look stupid.

          We need to look stupid by…………..

    Rahm:  No, we’re never stupid! We have to appear to be

          attacked and harrassed by smart people, stupid!

    Obama: You calling me stupid, Ra?

    Rahm:  Shit man, pass the pipe.

    Gibbs: I got it!!!! Man was I stupid. The Professional  


    Rahm:  This is good fuckin shit. What’td you say Gibby?

    Gibbs: I’ll surprise em tomorrow. Ha, Ha, Ha whiiffffff


    • RUKind on August 12, 2010 at 06:05

    There’s plenty of great third parties who could use a boost. This will be a return to usual form for me. I hate getting fooled again.

  6. some interesting observations in this piece by John Nichols at The Nation

    Gibbs hit with the left with what he apparently thought was his best shot: “They wouldn’t be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president.”

    Gibbs seemed to be dismissing Kucinich, the anti-war congressman, veteran economic populist and two-time contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, as an example of the extremity within the Democratic camp.

    What Gibbs forgot, of course, was that Kucinich played a pivotal role in advancing Obama’s candidacy for the presidency. On the day of the 2008 Democratic caucuses in Iowa, Kucinich told his supporters that if they did not have a critical mass of backers at individual caucuses, they should throw in with Obama as the most viable progressive. That was a critical decision, since Obama only narrowly beat former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, who was making a big play for liberal backing.

    I saw the impact in downtown Dubuque, at the public library, where a group of Kucinich backers, recognizing that they were outnumbered, aligned with the Obama group and gave them the numbers they needed to dramatically overwhelm supporters of Edwards and Hillary Clinton. This happened at caucuses across Iowa. It is true that the Kucinich camp amounted to only two, three or perhaps four percent of the Democratic caucusgoers; but they played a critical role — and that role benefited Obama.

    Had Kucinich urged his backers to go with Edwards, it might well have changed the results to give the North Carolinian the advantage in the key caucuses — perhaps even a narrow win of caucus night. That would have made it much harder — perhaps impossible — for Obama to position himself as the inevitable nominee.

    This bit of history may be lost on Gibbs, as it may be on many in the administration. But they certainly ought to remember that Kucinich cast a critical vote this year for the health-care reform bill. The president needed that vote enough to call Kucinich and plead for it. And when Kucinich and I appeared on Ed Schultz’s MSNBC show to discuss the congressman’s choice, it was clear that he , and that he made a difficult choice because he wanted the Obama administration to maintain a measure of authority for future fights with the right.

    Kucinich was not alone in making difficult choices. Plenty of progressives aligned with Obama at points where he needed them duirng the 2008 campaign and after he assumed the presidency. They have not been lockstep supporters, and that clearly frustrates Gibbs.

    So be it.

    theres more

    [bolds mine, typos not mine]

    Is Kucinich “professional Left” I wonder?

  7. You all know you’re always welcome to come sit under the anarchist tree, even if just for a little while.  We got some stuff going on, worthwhile things, if for most it might only be a season of “screw the politicians because they’ve been screwing us.”  We’re the ones that take it for granted that Obama and his crowd are what they are, we never expected any different.  So we have no reason to be particularly outraged by this particular administration, Same Shit Different Deciderer is nothing to get worked up about.  There’s always hegemony for getting worked up about something!  If you want change, you have to smash hegemony, otherwise hegemony’s going to keep giving you more and more of the same.  And Gibbs?  Waterboy of hegemony, not even a player.

  8. and I’m right there with you.

    I have to be at the hosp for 4-5 hours today, so can’t really comment in depth. (In fact if they have wifi there, I will – have to work the show notes.)

    But this essay is awesome. Gotta run!!!

  9. This country is owned lock stock & barrel by the top 1%!

    We the People “must” understand this.

    There is no more “pretending”!

    We are at war not with al Qaeda – but with Wall Street, The Pentagon, Washington DC, the Insurance Companies, the Oil Companies, GLOBAL CORPORATE EMPIRE!

    It is time to escape from our cages & TEAR DOWN THE WALL of LIES!!!!


    REVOLUTION is the “only” cure!!!!    

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