Hi. UPDATED w/Photos. Cool ones. Really.


                                                 = Update:  See little photo gallery below =


 This won’t be much of an essay.  For that I apologize in advance.  I just want to say, “Hello,” yet again.  I’ve actually been around here, off and on, for a while.  Check out my user ID number.  You’ll see that I’ve been around for a couple of years.

 I live in the Deep South, am an attorney, progressive and don’t suffer fools very well.  If you’ll allow me to sound like an utter kiss-up, that’s one of the reasons I seem to always gravitate back to this spot — so few (none, really . . . not that I know of) idiots.  

 It’s this site’s founder’s edict (a righteous and proper one at that) that we not insult The Orange.  I have no desire to insult The Orange.  In fact, I find about 75% of Orange posters to be just aces.  Great folks.  Lots of smarts and insight.  But the Big Wigs of The Orange (with a few notable exceptions), well, if you can’t say something good about someone . . .

 I’m also something of an Asiaphile.  Particularly Japan.  I wouldn’t shun a trip to Scandinavia or Spain, though.  Here’s my just-for-fun website, LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com.  Several of you already know about it, about me.  I’m thinking many of you don’t.  Please, visit.  Check out the Galleries, the (non-fiction) Stories, the Front Page posts (going back to May of last year).  


             Friends.  Kyoto.  May 30, 2010.


 So, I’m back here after a hiatus.  I’m done with Orange.  Email me if you wish and I’ll go into the gory details.  I hope you’ll welcome me back as a prodigal blogger.  

 Oh, and Robert Gibbs is a tool.



Update.  Since I have y’all’s attention for a little while longer, I thought it’d behoove me to share a few more photos with you.  In May (about 2 and 1/2 months ago) I took/lead/guided a group of MBA students from a nearby university through Japan, well, Tokyo, Kyoto, into Osaka for a ballgame, Nara…  A few more photos from that trip (the one above was taken in Kyoto on our last full day there), making their premier here at Docudharma.  Enjoy.



           Harajuku, Tokyo.  May 2010.



           On the Yamanote Line, Tokyo.  May 2010.



           Shinagawa Station, Tokyo.  May 2010.



           End of the Day.  Salaryman.  Tokyo.  May 2010.



           DaiKichi Yakitori. Settling-up the Bill. Kyoto.  May 2010.


 For (lots) more photos from Japan (and India and China), please visit my just-for-fun site/blog:   LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com, and my photos-only page, PhotoHai.Wordpress.Com.  And, of course, feel free to share the links.  Over at LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com there’s all kinds of eclectica on Japan — front page essays, non-fiction stories, etc.

 All the best and, again, I hope you enjoy.



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    • Edger on August 12, 2010 at 2:29 am

    if you don’t post a tip jar? Eh? 😉

  1. and welcome home!

  2. meh, tachibana “GOS” –

    Aikawarazu desu.

    Fukanou desu.


    at the rate he’s going, Gibbs won’t be able to get a job as a Walmart greeter by 2012.  

  3. I haven’t been here long m’self, but I like it here. The pool water is warm, the decaf is hot, the ice cream is cold, and the people are nice. 🙂

  4. I’m wondering how more people might find out about dd and come here or find their way back and stay. Make it their home.

    I’m not commenting about GOS.  Lately responses to what I put up there (cross posted)  have been, well, extremely weird.  I’m not sure why that is.


    • Xanthe on August 14, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    or spent a great deal of time there off and on ’cause I have a query.

    When Krugman talks about Japan’s lost decade – what was that like to live thru – a really bad recession?  I know Japan’s culture is different from ours – but was ther a loss of jobs – a great loss.  Loss of homes.  Or just a general malais in terms of economy generally.


    It’s my impression that Japanese companies, CEO’s, money people – do have a greater responsibility to employees, to citizens – am I wrong?  It’s rough living in the pretend old west of Wall Street here.  I thought Japan, thru cultural ties to each other – had a different outlook.    

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