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Frozen in the Headlights

Run down by a metaphor?

Are We Finally Ready for an Honest Discussion on Race?

I appreciate the opportunity now laid before the American people to have a long overdue discussion on race.  Prior opportunities like these have come and gone but, pardon my skepticism, I still don’t think many of us are willing to commit to it.  Doing so would explode a variety of myths, particularly ones held by those who enjoy patting themselves on the back for a job well done.  Jobs this complex cannot be undone by one movement alone.

Revisiting Predictions

In August 2008 Paul Jay spoke  with Naomi Klein about Obama’s campaign and promises. Two years down the road we can look back and compare what he said with what he’s done.

Obama’s foreign policy positions have become indistinguishable from those of McCain. His campaign was virtually built around absorbing, co-opting and quieting the anti-war/anti-fascist/anti-imperialist movements.

How far do you go before winning becomes losing, and becomes just a shiny new paintjob hawked by a very good salesman?

August 26, 2008 9 min 38 sec

Naomi Klein on Obama and the intellectual and political integrity of the progressive movement

Still Missing New Orleans

I posted the following on September 4, 2005 at The Dream Antilles and I cross-posted it in various places.  Five years later, there’s really very little I can add to this, so I am re-posting it:

Open Booze


Faith=No Muslims. Charity=No Government Spending. Hope=No Obama.

cross-posted from Sum of Change and check out Pam Spaulding’s post at PHB for more thoughts and discussion.

Yesterday we sent cameras to Glenn Beck’s 828 rally and Al Sharpton’s rally and march. We posted a handfull of videos from each. But first, a personal comment, if you don’t mind. My parents and grandparents were civil rights activists (not to mention anti-war activists and labor organizers). On the same grass where we stood yesterday, my mother stood 47 years ago to watch Martin Luther King Jr. declare his dream for the world. I highly doubt anyone will remember yesterday the way my mother remembers 47 years ago.

We will begin with Beck’s event::

New Orleans, Louisiana


Docudharma Times Sunday August 29

Sunday’s Headlines:

US right claims spirit of Martin Luther King at Lincoln Memorial rally

Deepwater Horizon fears resurface as rigs probe for oil under Arctic ice


Five years later, large New Orleans family ‘still walking through Katrina’

For Obama, Steep Learning Curve as Chief in Time of War


Sublime to the ridiculous: new cases in the extradition courts

Central bank exec triggers fresh storm with views on the “Jewish gene”

Middle East

A U.S. ‘legacy of waste’ in Iraq


Thousands flee Indonesia volcano on Sumatra

New Dissent in Japan Is Loudly Anti-Foreign


South Africa’s unions turn on Jacob Zuma and the ANC

Latin America

Chile mine rescuers work on ‘Plan B’

Late Night Karaoke

Happy Birthday buhdydharma!!


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Public School System Fail

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Only Glenn Beck’s God doles out your Rights and Privileges

Today Glenn Beck claims to be “Restoring Honor” …

Is it about “Restoring Honor”?    for whom?  for which slight?

Or is it about “Restoring Privilege to God’s enlightened few“?

Glenn Beck Confirms That Your Rights Come From God

Glynnis MacNicol — Mar 16, 2010

Glenn Beck:

I don’t know if you’ve read the Declaration of Independence but you don’t have the power to grant people rights. You don’t create them, you don’t enhance them. They are not yours…In case you missed it “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”

Who the hell do you think you are Congress?  You are not God.

Or put more succinctly, as I just heard Glenn Beck say TODAY on FOX, in re-running of a previous show:

Glenn Beck:

“Government does NOT grant you Rights — God does” …

“If there is No God, that grants you Rights — Who grants you rights?”

I dunno.  Fox News?