“Only the little people — should — pay taxes.” Right?

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[BP Chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg] is no different than other corporate elitists who are surrounded by evidence of what they see as their superiority. Leona Helmsley referenced us when she said, “Only the little people pay taxes.”

But this time, the truth cannot be hidden. The real evidence of what he and much of the corporate plutocracy thinks of us will be apparent to the residents of the gulf coast and likely well beyond for decades.

Is Financial Reform Good for the “Small People?”

George Mantor, RISMEDIA, 06/22/10

Only the little people pay taxes”   So says former Queen of the Elites.

Afterall, SOMEONE has to pay.

And we shouldn’t expect the Corporations and Millionaires to carry that weight —

They’re too busy Downsizing the Life out of the Economy, to be saddled with the burden, of paying for the Bush Years.

They really, really need that Bush Tax Cut ‘Free Ride’ to CONTINUE —

Or they just might LET the Economy GET EVEN Worse.

Best we not test them, eh?   Or they really might ef-it-up!

“This is an impressive crowd: the Have’s and Have-more’s. Some people call you the elites. I call you my base.

George W. Bush

I suppose so, if you’re a member of the ‘Have-Mores’  (aka. the GOP Base), letting the “unwashed masses” carry the bulk of your Tax Burden makes perfect sense.  

Afterall we all can’t be Chiefs — some most of us are simply destined to be the “worker bees”.   And a bee’s “Lot in Life” — is simply having TO WORK!   (that’s — If you’re that lucky …)

Why should Workers expect any Tax Relief? — its just Nature’s Way of maintaining order, of rewarding Society’s born Kings and Queens?  (and their ‘self-made’ richy-rich cousins too …)

George W. had one thing Right — he knew on which side, his bread was buttered.  He knew he dare not upset his Base

The Bush Tax Cuts, were afterall, just another one of them ‘Unpaid Mandates’, a Present to his Friends and Benefactors, and a crummy ‘Stick’ to the knuckles, for the rest of us.

Without that “promise to end them in 10 years” — that Economic “booster shot” giveaway to the wealthy would have never got through the Senate gauntlet, my bet anyways.

Of course George W. was merely standing on the shoulders of other Millionaire Benefactors, who had led the way before him … a long line of them.

(Click for Larger Image)

(By the way, that red line is the “Historical Trend” for the Tax Percentage Rate, for the Top Tax Bracket in America.  It just keeps going down.  That’s odd?)

How much do you have to make, before that loathsome Top Percentage Rate kicks in? — here again are the Historic Thresholds:

(Click for Larger Image)

(That Super Wealthy threshold used to be in the 1-5 Million Dollar range. In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s it was much, much lower: from 30K to 210K range, to be Rich. This Top Tax Threshold has been creeping up since 1992. Being a Millionaire ain’t what it used to be, apparently.)

National Taxpayers Union

Let’s put those Data Series on the same year-by-year chart.  Top Bracket Tax Rates meet its qualifying Income Threshold — they seem to be converging:

(Click for Larger Image)

Suppose you were lucky enough to have actually made exactly that “Wealthy” Threshold Income each year for the Top Tax Bracket — what would you have theoretically paid in Income Taxes, each year?

(Click for Larger Image)

(By the way, that green line is the “Historical Trend” for the Rich paying their “fair share” in Income Taxes in America.  Funny it too, just keeps going down, down, down, too!  That’s not Fair!)

Source data for these custom Charts:

History of Federal Individual Income Bottom and Top Bracket Rates

Website for data: National Taxpayers Union

(Note:  Data Footnotes from the Website, were NOT included, in the construction of these charts.)


The “Upper Crust” has had an ever easier Tax Ride for SEVERAL Decades now —

One might justly ask — Where is all their supposed Productivity?

Where IS the Economic Boom — that in theory anyways — such declining Tax Burdens for the Wealthy are suppose to promote?

They are GONE WITH THE WIND — much like the hopes and the dreams of the average Working class stiff, who bought into all the “Trickle Down” hokum, the “Ownership Society” hype.  

Without any stiff Tax Rates on those Corporate Owners to keep them honest — What annual incentive do they have to plow the profits BACK INTO THE BUSINESS?

Short Answer:  They have none.     (For many it’s a grab and dash game, these days.)

Funny …  such Reinvestment in AmericaUSED TO BE the Norm!

No Longer.   Today the Norm, IS for Corporations to Reinvest OUTSIDE of America — and then they get EVEN MORE Tax Breaks, for doing THAT!

Unbelievable!  Only in America — Land of the ‘Free Rides’ for Billionaires, and Home of the forever Bewildered ‘Worker Bees’.


Please support the Repealing of the Bush Tax Cuts, when it comes time for them to Sunset, any News Cycle now. If we have the “guts” to let them Sunset as W. and Co. originally promised, well then the Top Rate simply reverts from its current 35%, back to its previous level of 40% — No Big Economic Disaster! (historically speaking, anyways — Been there, done that, already!)

It is time for EVERYONE to pull their weight in this Society again, even the ‘Have Mores’ — who have enough to “Get by on”, thanks to the Historic “free ride” they’ve grown all too accustom to.  

Supposedly the Bush Tax Relief plan for the Top Tier, was going to “spark innovation” and cause a Booming Economy.  (Maybe they owe us a Tax pay back?)

How that Booming Economy been working out for you people, the Opportunities are Everywhere aren’t they?– Hardly!

It kind of looks like all the Profits, and all the Opportunities in America, have Transfered UP to the Upper Crust, instead.  (Hmmm? …  Maybe that’s what they mean by “Wealth Transfer”?)

There are many REAL reasons why we said We need a Bail Out for Main Street, NOT for Wall Street — And those Reasons, aren’t really going away, either.  (and Main Street still Votes too … most of them.)

You really don’t want to mess with a bunch of angry “Work Bees” now, if you can help it.

Cuz you just. might. get. stung.  (and THAT’S No Fun, at all!)


    • jamess on July 10, 2010 at 18:22

    The GOP calls them “Their Base“.

    BP they’re sorry, really they are.

    Don’t take your Ball, and go home!

    • RUKind on July 11, 2010 at 00:59

    and then fill ’em in.

  1. need a revolution, got to revolution!

    We are volunteers of America!”

    -Jefferson Airplane

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