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“Only the little people — should — pay taxes.” Right?

[BP Chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg] is no different than other corporate elitists who are surrounded by evidence of what they see as their superiority. Leona Helmsley referenced us when she said, “Only the little people pay taxes.”

But this time, the truth cannot be hidden. The real evidence of what he and much of the corporate plutocracy thinks of us will be apparent to the residents of the gulf coast and likely well beyond for decades.

Is Financial Reform Good for the “Small People?”

George Mantor, RISMEDIA, 06/22/10

Only the little people pay taxes”   So says former Queen of the Elites.

Afterall, SOMEONE has to pay.

And we shouldn’t expect the Corporations and Millionaires to carry that weight —

They’re too busy Downsizing the Life out of the Economy, to be saddled with the burden, of paying for the Bush Years.

They really, really need that Bush Tax Cut ‘Free Ride’ to CONTINUE —

Or they just might LET the Economy GET EVEN Worse.

Best we not test them, eh?   Or they really might ef-it-up!

Historical Income Tax Rates for the Top Tax Bracket — with Charts

Increasing the Tax rates on the Wealthy — can it happen? should it happen?

Dare we let the fabled “Engine of the Economy” grind to a halt?

How about a little Historical Perspective — How does the “Upper Crust” ever manage their Tax Burden?

(Click for Larger Image)

(By the way, that red line is the “Historical Trend” for the Tax Percentage Rate, for the Top Tax Bracket in America.  It just keeps going down.)

How much do you have to make, before that burdensome Top Percentage Rate kicks in? — here are the Historic Thresholds:

(Click for Larger Image)

(That Super Wealthy threshold, has been creeping up since 1992.)

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