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  1. Charlie Parker was injured in an automobile accident as a teenager and became addicted to morphine during the aftermath. This horrible condition would plague him for the rest of his short life, including extensive heroin usage and his demise at the age of 34.  The pathologist conducting the autopsy mistakenly thought him to be between fifty and sixty years of age at the time of death.

    “Ornithology”, from 1946, would be the first jazz single by Parker to receive the coveted Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1989.  

    According to a commenter on youtube, this recording was made during a Dial session in Hollywood, CA on March 28, 1946.  Personnel included: Miles Davis (trumpet), Charlie Parker (alto sax) Lucky Thompson (tenor sax), Dodo Marmarosa (piano), Vic McMillan (bass),and Roy Porter (drums).

    “Billie’s Bounce”, from 1945, would represent his second jazz single to receive similar Grammy honors, in 2002.  

    The personnel for this November 26, 1945 session included some familiar names:

    Charlie Parker – alto sax

    Miles Davis – trumpet (who was 19 years of age at the time)

    “Hen Gates” (Dizzy Gillespie) – piano

    Curley Russell – bass

    Max Roach – drums

  2. this is the equivalent of the moonshot, seriously.  

    They’ve got the old oil collection cap off and it’s going to take 4 to 7 days to try to change out the old riser stub and flange on the BOP and replace it with more….  crap.  That may be able to form a tight seal.   Right now they have ROV arms coming in and doing what looks like different measurements to get ready for this.

    It looks like the old cap and the oil/gas/sand flow has bunged up some of the bolt tops they were planning on removing, to get the old top off,  so this should be interesting.

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