Rethink Afghanistan or Rethink 2012, Mr. Obama

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From GritTV and Brave New Films, July 27th, 2010

With the release of the WikiLeaks “War Logs,” more focus has been brought to the war in Afghanistan. But will anything change?  Our friends at Brave New Films have been following the war there for years, urging Americans to learn more about the situation and what’s being done in our names and with our tax dollars.

The war in Afghanistan has been spilling over into Pakistan practically since the beginning, and we bring you this selection from Brave New Films to look into this little-reported aspect of the conflict.

In what I’m sure is an unwelcome bit of irony, Mr. Obama has attracted a new fan…

Karl Rove, WSJ, July 29, 2010

Victory in Afghanistan requires two things: the right strategy and the resolve to see it through. Mr. Obama wisely recruited Gen. David Petraeus to head the Afghan campaign. There is no one better equipped to execute a successful counterinsurgency campaign. He is both the father of the “surge” in Iraq and the person most responsible for implementing it. If Gen. Petraeus has the time and support he needs, he can bring similar success in Afghanistan.


Mr. Obama has acted impressively so far on Afghanistan. He changed strategy based on facts on the ground, increased our troops by tens of thousands, and picked exactly the right man to lead our military into battle.

The president has the right pieces in place. Now he needs to signal to the world that he believes in the cause with all his heart. Let’s hope he does.

Delusional bipartisanship will do that.


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