So Blackwater is Guarding The Black Water

I mean just how much more blatant does the Karmic writing on the wall have to get.

Is it even worth bothering with the internet to read about death and enviornmental destruction every morning.…

Can I just lapse back in Lamestream media to zone out.…

Doesn’t do anything for me.

Only CT news puts a smile on my face.

Does al-Qaeda’s Air Force Plan to Bomb the G8 G20 Summits…

Amnesty for Banksters Debtors Prisons for Serfs


Spin on the Ethridge incident…

Are “we” paying for nine year old “soldiers”.


And while it always seems like I am over the top disasterwise 66% of sheeple just might be waking up.…

I don’t have a problem with waterboarding Ben Bernanke…

That is a big ocean, at the bottom of this page.

Last up

The wife asked me to check out a WBZ local station report about the top high schools in America.  She wanted to see if “our” high school might be on the list.

So in about 5 minutes I found the WBZ story which actually comes from Newsweek (CT meme radar on).  I found the theme.  The policy push keywords.  Most of the “top” schools had “global awareness/global citizenship” programs.  Which of course means you have the right to be a serf of the global community.

That psychic impression of Satanic black ooze dripping off a stack of Newsweek Magazines in the lobby of “Globo-Corp” has proven to be correct once again.


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    • RUKind on June 19, 2010 at 17:45

    Since you mention WBZ, Liz Walker just gave a really great empowermenr speech locally – on her own time and dime. Liz also held her anchor seat as a pregnant, unwed, black mother. No problem at all – even here in “racist” Boston.

    There’s good out there if you look for it, LHMan. Just don’t look too far. Almost all that is good is local. Almost all that is truly evil is far away. Turn off the TV. Listen to the birds and the wind in the trees. You might even hear some strains of “Tea for two…” Look up now and then and watch for the sky to turn yellow and the sun to blue.

    You can’t change Newspeak but you can change you.

    Me? I plant trees that will live over 2,000 years. It’s my statement that this, too, shall pass.


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