We Got Us A Name: The ‘redneck’s’ {once GOP} Party

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“If all of us rednecks leave the Republican Party, the party is going to have one hell of a void,” Knotts told other senators.

A racist pol finally speaks of What that so called republican party Really Is. Caught the comment in an NPR report a short while ago and it wasn’t hard to quickly find an article with not only that but his ranting about the Hypocrites attacking him, which seems rather odd as Hypocrisy has been a mainstay especially of the modern once GOP, even in their so called base!

Knotts: ‘Us rednecks’ vital to GOP

Jun. 16, 2010 He again refuses to resign, calls other members of party ‘hypocrites’

Lexington Sen. Jake Knotts took to the Senate floor Tuesday to take “hypocrites” within the Republican Party to task, to proudly proclaim himself a “redneck” and to say again he would not resign his seat after using an ethnic slur to describe gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley.


“If all of us rednecks leave the Republican Party, the party is going to have one hell of a void,” Knotts told other senators. Continued

Thing is does this Nikki Haley really want to represent the “redneck” party of South Carolina, and do those with that fake (R) after their names want to be known as “rednecks” after many grabbed “teabagger”.

Though should say it is a misuse of the term and has been in modern times, it once described the hard workers, something foreign to the once GOP, of the fields working and sweating in the red clay soil of the south, but hey teabag worked for many of them so why not.

Also from South Carolina politics:

Will religion become a weapon against Haley, Sheheen?

Religion could emerge as a wedge issue in this year’s race for governor after Republican state Sen. Jake Knotts’ reference to GOP front-runner Nikki Haley as a “raghead” and voter confusion about Haley’s religious conversion to Christianity from Sikhism.

It won’t be Haley’s first tussle over religion.

During Haley’s 2004 matchup against state Rep. Larry Koon, the 30-year House veteran mailed a letter to voters pointing out Haley’s Indian maiden name, Nimrata Nikki Randhawa. An e-mail campaign also falsely claimed she was a Buddhist.

Democratic front-runner Vincent Sheheen may be in for a dose of it, too.

Sheheen may be the only Catholic in S.C. history to win his party’s nomination in a gubernatorial race. (Jim Byrnes, governor from 1951-55, was raised a Catholic but became an Episcopalian as an adult.)

It would not be the first time religion has been used as a tool in the rough-and-tumble world of S.C. politics: Continued

Stay Tuned!!


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  1. Very discriminatory of you.

    BTW, I am the most left-leaning redneck you will ever meet.

  2. I rarely use it because it does seem to direct denigration towards white blue collar workers.

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