BP Stopping Rescuers! (Update: With Action Page)

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Is there no one, no one that has any control over BP?

BP is blocking access to rescuing turtles and is incinerating turtles in the oil.

(Interview by Catherine Craig)

Venice, Louisiana, Boat Captain speaks!  

S I C K!  




    BP is burning endangered sea

               turtles alive.

       Click on Photo for Action Page

(h/t dharmasyd)


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  1. Kinda’ speechless right now!

  2. I think people may be denying side effects of the toxicity on themselves, for fear that BP will then be able to say, it`s not safe enough to be out there saving turtles.

    The other point about running the turtle rescuers off, is there is a large fine for causing the death of one of these protected turtles.

    The more turtles they BBQ, the less fines BP is liable to have to pay.

    There is so many twists & turns to the lies & reasons given by BP, it just adds to how sick I feel over this whole mess.

    Then Feldman goes & rules against a moratorium.

    Guess what investments are in his portfolio.

  3. You may remember my mention of the fact that the 11 gulf workers killed were just the beginning of the tally.


  4. –The CREDO Action Team

    Here’s a sample message to send to your friends:

    I just signed a petition telling BP to stop burning endangered sea turtles alive. To learn more and take action, click on the link below.

    And here’s the link.  

  5. for the “lift.”

  6. AGAINST offshore drilling.

    Gulf Spill Disaster – No New Offshore Oil Drilling!

    Click on the Logo for Action Page

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