Bernie Madoff: F*** My Victims

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Sometimes there is an event which puts every other event leading up to it into perspective.

Bernie Madoff summed it all up recently with 3 words.

“Fuck my victims.”

Bernie did much wrong to people who didn’t deserve it. However the most unforgivable thing that Bernie did which garnered him front page news … He stole from his own. By his own I mean rich people … whereas stealing granny’s SS check is awful it doesn’t get you to the front page.

Bernie summed it up this way:

One evening a fellow prisoner kept asking Madoff about the victims of his $65 billion scheme and Madoff, angered, said: “F*** my victims. I carried them for twenty years, and now I’m doing 150 years,” the magazine reported.

and stealing from his own kind:

Shannon Hay, a drug dealer who lived in the same prison unit as Madoff, told New York Magazine that the swindler shared with him his version of events.

“He told me his side. He took money off of people who were rich and greedy and wanted more,” Hay, who was released in December, was quoted as saying.

Prison is a much safer place for Bernie to be … maybe.  


  1. fake remorse doesn’t come easily.  Why should it?  He well and truly fucked many, many people not to mention instititutions.  It’s mostly in politics that an elaborate apology is helpful.  Elsewhere, and for lifers, not so much.

  2. for corruption on all things.  It is a universally understood thing.  I personally like the Bernie Madoff Global Carbon Fund and or it’s replacement “enemy” the BP Bernie Madoff Global Enviornmental Cleanup Fund.

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