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I am endorsing Marcy Winograd in her race to represent California’s 36th District in Congress.  She is a true progressive who will stand up to the military industrial complex, the medical industrial complex, and other corporate interests in Washington.  Marcy is genuine in her concern for the people.

Marcy particularly understands the damage war profiteers and others who want to keep the war economy do to our country.  As my friend Dan Ellsberg said in an earlier endorsement of Marcy, she was personally involved in the release of the Pentagon Papers.  When I released the Pentagon Papers into the Senate record, I directly challenged the warmongers who benefit from the killing.  Marcy Winograd would bring that spirit to the House.  She can stand up against powerful special interests and for the poor, the veterans, the civilians, and others that war hurts.

Marcy Winograd represents the best the Democratic Party has to offer.  Her opponent Jane Harman is just another Washington hawk disconnected from the real consequences of her Congressional votes.  In 2007, during the Democratic presidential debates, I said that someone who made the political decision of voting to approve the Iraq War was not qualified to be President.  I can comfortably extend that sentiment to the House of Representatives, and Harman did vote for the Iraq War.  Keeping Harman in office strengthens war profiteers like Halliburton, General Electric, and others in their unhealthy quest for power.

Therefore, I urge the voters of California’s 36th district to cast their vote, and volunteer, for Democrat Marcy Winograd in tomorrow’s primary.  If you do not live in California, a donation is still a worthwhile investment.

Mike Gravel, US Senate 1969-1981

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  1. Also, have you considered donating DNA samples? If we can clone you, perhaps we’d someday have a Congress worth admiring.  🙂

    What is the best way to contact you? Are coming to NYC anytime soon? (I see I just missed a visit during the Personal Democracy forum.)

  2. involvement and concern.  I’m so happy you have chosen Marcy Winograd, as one you endorse.  I have been following her relentless campaign here and there and, indeed, she does seem committed.  In any event, she is certainly superior to Harman, in all of our concerns.  

    • RUKind on June 8, 2010 at 02:28

    Supporting and voting for progressives is in the DNA of this site.

  3. The internet is full of buzz about AlQeada members being killed or captured several times over.  It is just about as priceless as a peace prize with every oil change!

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