Breaking News : Helen Thomas resigns

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Yahoo News, 14 minutes ago reported Helen Thomas resigned this morning over the flap from her I/P comments.  Many people called on Hearst to fire her.  

The update which includes comments by Ari Fleischer and a statement by Robert Gibbs at this morning’s WH briefing demonstrates the inflamatory nature of this issue.

Just shows it can happen anywhere these days, I guess.


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  1. Considering she has been a media icon for 60 years I’d say she had a great track record with one unfortunate slip.

    I mean most, if not all, of DC cant be in front of the camera for 5 minutes before making an ass out of themselves.  

  2. ……and this sociopath gets hired.

  3. the media on the way out?  

    • Edger on June 7, 2010 at 21:07

    been ambushed gone, integrity has at long last been restored to the media.

    No MSM journalist will ever ask the wrong questions or say unapproved things again.

    Or else.

    The first schools of journalism were set up, and a mythology of liberal neutrality was spun around the professional journalist. The right to freedom of expression was associated with the new media and with the great corporations, and the whole thing was, as Robert McChesney put it so well, “entirely bogus”.

    For what the public did not know was that in order to be professional, journalists had to ensure that news and opinion were dominated by official sources, and that has not changed. Go through the New York Times on any day, and check the sources of the main political stories-domestic and foreign-you’ll find they’re dominated by government and other established interests. That is the essence of professional journalism.

    One of my favorite stories about the Cold War concerns a group of Russian journalists who were touring the United States. On the final day of their visit, they were asked by the host for their impressions. “I have to tell you,” said the spokesman, “that we were astonished to find after reading all the newspapers and watching TV day after day that all the opinions on all the vital issues are the same. To get that result in our country we send journalists to the gulag. We even tear out their fingernails. Here you don’t have to do any of that.

    The Unseen Lies: Journalism As Propaganda,  John Pilger

  4. this administration managed to get rid of her. She made it through the bush regime intact and the Dems. took her out. I find this worrisome in the fact that this lot is not as incompetent as the last. They seem able to pull off the same stuff without freaking out anybody but the idiots with tea bags on their hats, or the pesky left of the left.    

  5. STEP up and fill that seat with as much guts as Helen has.

    • Edger on June 8, 2010 at 00:03

    Fox News, June 07, 2010

    Helen Thomas has apologized and resigned. What more do people want?

    I’m Jewish and a supporter of Israel.

    I’ve known Helen Thomas since 1993. I’ve had dinner with her many times and I consider her a close friend.

    If I had a dollar for every American who has said something in private about a racial, ethnic, or sexual minority in this country I would be a multimillionaire many times over.

    Let’s face it we all have said things — or thought things — about “other” groups of people, things that we would not want to see in print or on video. Anyone who denies it is a liar.

    Helen is three months short of 90 and her brain’s filters might not work as well as a 40-year-old’s. Give her a break.

    Ellen Ratner is Washington bureau chief for Talk Radio News Service and a Fox News contributor.

  6. A thing meant to occupy sheeple lamestream news cycles.  How else could I possibly describe this deliberate failure of spindoctorization in this Illumati Plan to Destroy America era.

  7. a couple months ago at a book signing – I told her how impressed I was with her tenacity and that every time she asked Mr. Bush a tough question I cheered for her.

    Was she right? Should Israel get out of Palestine? Would that make the world a better place?

    I only know that she knows more than I do, and if she believes what she said, then perhaps it is a valid position.

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