The Not Oil Diary

What else beside the oil leak sucks.

Well, OK I don’t go to the doctor for what my mother terms (my cough) simply because that motherfucker can and will deny me that right/privledge to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Marxachusetts because I might have high blood pressured and or depending upon the particular assholianisms of the doctor involved have the potential for seizures while operating a motor vehicle in the state of Marxachusetts.  Note that the former Registry of Motor Vehicles in Marxachusetts is now the Department of Transportation of Marxachusetts.

So, do I have to “register” my horse.

The answer might be only if a “neighbor” complains.  Here in Marxachusetts “neighbor” means shit disturbing asshole whose primary function in life is fucking up the lives of others who live nearby.  I happen to be of the live and let live category and if somebody tells me something bothers them and it is of ratonal caliber I would naturally accomodate.  This does not however include that category of people who get off sexually on the aspect of controlling and dominating other people for orgasmic delight and or to simply exist for the sole purpose of being a pain in the ass for other people.

I do blame lamestream media and their specific targeting of sheeple in their enforcement/neuro-linguistic programming enhancement of the 14 characteristics of fascsim for this current trend.  I don’t give a flying fuck about American Idol no matter how many fucking “news” programs tell me to check it out.…


Cyber bullshit warfare depends upon your abilty to pay for the next blue screen of death DRM surveillance encypted update.  Zuckerman also thinks your are idiots of the Farcebook Age.

Wow!  Looking for the Bilderberg 2010 agenda in Spain and I came across several new excellent New World Order type websites. Then I found this one.

Mr. Barry is a birther!…

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