Q and A from The Geek’s Mailbox 20100529

Sometimes I get questions in my inbox, and sometimes they are they have more general application.  Here a few from the past few days.

Remember, anyone is welcome to send a question, and my profile has my email address.  If you would like a question answered, just ask one.

I hope that this is read in the best of the Thurber tradition.  Keith has stimulated me to writing very short, funny pieces lately.  Please tell me what you think.

Question:  Dear Translator, my computer does not seem to work right.  It only will find political blogs, and will never go to the Fox “News” site.  What gives?  Ms. NTBright

Answer:  You computer obviously has been infected with artificial intelligence, greater than yours.  Just go with it and be enlightened.”

Question:  Dear Doc, I come to the Kos site for political insight, and keep finding stuff that you, and others, write that has nothing to do with politics, but Popular Culture, Cooking, and all sorts of things.  Have I set my filter wrong?  Wanting dirt

Answer:  No, you are doing things right.  Kos is a very diverse site, and allows community to be equal with politics.  We are all in the same community, even though our politics might differ.  Relax and enjoy the diverse nature of posts here.

Question:  Hey, Asshole!  Why do you never talk about my favorite performer, Ray Stevens?  Mr. I.D. It

Answer:  That is because Ray Sevens is a no talent performer.  He has from the distant past written hackneyed racist songs (Ahab the Arab from decades ago) and now has released a record album that is even worse, that is advertised on the Fox “News” channel.  His only acceptable song, Everything is Beautiful, was written and performed whilst he had a very intimate relationship with Cannabis.

Question:  Dear Translator, why does my fish in the bowl go belly up and die?  The goldfish was old, so I replaced it with a snakehead that I bought last week.  Ms. F.I. New

Answer:  You do not have a large enough fishbowl.  Put it in your bathtub and feed your first born to it, in small pieces.  It will thrive then.\

Question:  Dear Know Nothing, why do you post here?  A. S. H.

Answer:  It is because folks here are on the whole pretty smart, and I enjoy their input.  Why do YOU post here, Ash….?

Finally, this one.

Question:  Translator, how can I post here and make a difference?  It is always politics, or can I just post a diary about my opinion or just add a comment about mine?

Answer:  You are welcome to post about anything, but read the rules when you log on to Kos.  If you follow them, you might not be popular, depending on your subject, but you will not be banned if you read and follow the rules.

Please tell me how this rates!

Warmest regards,