Sound Off

I don’t know but I bin told

New World Order it ain’t so bold

Eisenhauer Bill and John

Warned us all but now their gone

911 and Northwoods too

Make a fine deceptive brew

Fiat money Madoffed me

Ponzi scam for all to see

401s for you and me

Built the Chinese Factory

Drywall dogfood kid toys  too

Comes back as a toxic brew

It don’t matter what you say

Murdoch owns your mind today

If you don’t like it what they say

Microsoft can make your day

Flying pigs and birdies too

Make a fine and deadly brew

Myth for me a myth for you

Taliban and Qeada too

NSA knows all you say

Is the SWAT team on their way

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  1. I don’t need no stinking raise

    I can see the end of days

    Bilderbergers come to town

    Mortgaged it then burnt it down

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