Hail to the Murderer in Chief

The cult of Obama has reached a new plateau of surreal achievement in accepting the practice of summary execution of US citizens by presidential decree. This is somebody’s idea of showing that Obama is “tough.” We should be grateful that the collective wisdom on the political display of toughness does not extend to showing the drawing and quartering of captured “terrorists” on cable television, but there are still a few more years left in Obama’s term of office, so we can’t rule anything out.

How did it come to this? How did the most highly educated and affluent society in the world accept the practice of killing of its citizens by Presidential decree? The answer is broadcast video propaganda. I believe that television is the most highly perfected mechanism for the propagation of hysterical fear that has ever been invented. The evil linkage between television propaganda and American electoral politics has created a toxic witches brew that is dissolving our democracy. Americans have been conditioned to be so deeply afraid of “threats” that they are willing to grant unlimited power to a government that will keep them “safe.”

This is why we now have a Murderer in Chief in the White House.  


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  1. ‘We’ were scared by 911.

    ‘We’ are scared by the reaction to our occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan and their blowback.

    ‘We’ are scared by a pliant news media.

    ‘We’ are scared for our jobs and that they’ll be replaced by service industry jobs.

    ‘We’ are scared for our homes and that ‘we’ won’t have one anytime soon.

    ‘We’ are scared for our health and that we won’t be able to afford getting sick.

    ‘We’ are scared that our society is broken and that ‘we’ won’t be able to fix it.

  2. it’s a sign that the US is moving in the wrong direction at a dizzying rate.  

    The country has passed in the “F” state, but like a frog brought slowly to boil, no one notices because you’re in the water. It’s easy to see when you’re gone for a while and then suddenly return–it’s sheer madness.

  3. Yes we can

    Stuff em all into the van

    Tazer me and VMAD you

    Git you chip and cry boohoo

  4. aw, you didn’t get a pony. Lily Ledbetter. Only been in office a week. So inspirational! What a beautiful family. So you think President Palin would be better?

    I’m sure I left out some of the better ones.

    What I find interesting is so many people seem unable to get from Point A to Point B.

    It’s ok to kill “terrorists”, without a trial, who are American citizens. Bill Ayres is a “domestic terrorist” so it must be ok to kill him. The fellow in question, Al-Awlaki, is a “terrorist” because he vocally supports al-qaeda! You, oh blogger, are a terrorist because you gave a pony to a comment supporting Bill Ayres. Bang. You’re dead.

    That seems pretty straightforward, yet I’ve read so many comments missing it completely, saying things like “he sounds like he should be killed”. As if they don’t want the light to go on so they can see past their nose.

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