We Need Every Voice in the Fight

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Yeah, I know, it’s hilarious to speak of “voices” in a “fight” when we are at this moment witnessing the kabuki kongress and the other bozo-bloated branches of government.

Yesterday, as rossl recounts in this excellent essay, we find there were around, oh, 1,500-2,000 teabaggers and up to 10,000 antiwar demonstrators.

Well it is good that folks are yelling louder.

But today, yes, it is delicious irony that on a day where we’ve never felt more like failures as Americans, hundreds of thousands of our fellow human beings marched in Washington just for the chance to make it so that they (or their mother, or their father, or their children or their friends or their … ) could have the rights and privileges of citizenship.

Here’s a recent report from their website:


Ok, that’s it from us here. It’s been an amazing, beautiful and historic day here in Washington, DC. But, I want to remind everybody, this is just the beginning. Now the real work to pass immigration reform starts. We were 500,000 strong for the cause today and we should carry that strength and power with us as we move forward. Tomorrow, call your Senator at 866-877-5552 and tell them you want immigration reform now. We can win this, but we need every voice in the fight.

What I have learned from the HCR national debate is that my own supposed allies, Democrats, are willing to throw out human rights and human dignity as negotiating tools without even fucking using them.  That steams me.

The liberal white blogosphere, I have also come to learn, is not going to consistently cover this aspect of the upcoming immigration debate.

Buhdy spoke the other day about negotiation.

Fool me once.

I’m not watching C-SPAN or following live blogs of corrupted government officials voting for legislation that utterly devalues our most precious American values, the values that the demonstrators today feel strongly enough about to want to be citizens, even with all the problems in our country.

I’m watching folks 500,000 strong.  The media may not pay any attention to them and the white liberal blogs may see them only as a political calculation instead of as brothers and sisters.

I don’t have much of a voice tonight.  But I’m enough of a loudmouth to fake it when necessary.

Si Se Puede!


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    • rossl on March 22, 2010 at 00:36

    Good for them.  For some reason I don’t think this will be viewed as “gamechanging” like the teabaggers, though…

    • TMC on March 22, 2010 at 00:49

    on the white liberal blogs be when Obama throws brown people under the bus like he did in this health care bill. They just chose to ignore it this time, will they ignore it when it happens in the immigration debate?

    • TMC on March 22, 2010 at 01:24

    Over 200,000 March for Immigration Reform

    More than 200,000 people gathered on the National Mall today to participate in March for America, a rally advocating comprehensive immigration reform.

    Organized by Reform Immigration for America, the rally brought together groups from around the country – including Service Employees International Union, Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Democracia Ahora and the Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles – to send a message to lawmakers: “The time for immigration reform is now.”

  1. Maybe my mood about it will change.  Maybe I need antidepressants.

    But I am not anymore in a mood to march on Washington or to do anything for them or positive.  I’m utterly, utterly nihilistic.

    Let it burn.  Let the whole fucking country burn.

  2. affluent profe$$ional managerial go along get along college papered good zip code re$ident$.

    too many of them are different from you and me.

    they’re different cuz they’re 1 of the 13,000,000 making over 100 grand a year,

    they’re 1 of the 23,000,0000 making over 75 grand a year,

    NOT 1 of the 214,000,000 making less than 75 grand a year,

    NOT 1 of the 185,000,000 making less than 50 grand a year

    (2007 money income, table 689, STABUS)

    – extends family coverage for kids to age 25 … WHO the fuck can afford that AND has that as a benefit?

    – tax credits for small businesses …? small businesses need CASH, they need their employees to take their medicare card & go get fixed & get back to work, they need to NOT hire more accountants and lawyers to get some fucked up tax credit.

    – Dim-O-Shit critters keep coming to the mic and saying read section 900 or section 1050 or section whatever-the-fuck

    know why the lies and exagerations against government, of Proposition 13 in CA. worked so well 32 years ago?

    know why the thugs keep getting away with trashing gov’t?

    cuz those of us who have relied on, or rely on, these fucking programs know the fucking programs don’t work worth a shit – except for that parasite class making powerpoints about re-orgs and leverage and outsourcing

    we’re the richest country in the world, and we should be exporting how health care systems expertise, education system expertise, water adn sewage system expertise, power generation and distribution expertise, housing expertise …

    and we’re exporting F-16s and .223s,

    and we got the BIGGEST parasite class of worthless managers & professionals known to history.

    At least the fascist managers STEAL everything, instead of just fuck up everything.


  3. …my jaded, cynical, washed out, been there/done that total burn out on the system, but…

    …I find the innocence and naive hope of the “se si puedes” to be quite charming and child-like..

    You captured that feeling for me in your diary, NPK.

    For me, the bright side is now seeing so clearly that this system is totally crazy, dysfunctional, immoral and corrupt.  

    I can no longer believe there is any hope for progressive, liberal change in this country.

    So this means a change of course, a change of direction based on understanding so clearly the full, totalitarian, corporate take over of this country.

    The task now:  How to move on!  Where to go from here!

    • TMC on March 22, 2010 at 16:27

    From Jon Walker at FDL:

    6) Immigration

    Under this almost-law, undocumented immigrants would not be allowed to buy insurance on the new exchanges, even if they are willing to pay the full cost of the insurance with their own money. This policy is not only cruel and immoral, but fiscally irresponsible. The more undocumented immigrants that pay for their own health care, the more taxpayers save by not being forced to pick up the cost of undocumented immigrants’ uncompensated care when they use the emergency rooms.

  4. about politics/government in general, both electorally our system of governance, that it’s hard to know where you can use your voice to help the people who need it most. I will of course fake it and mouth off about this but we need to stop spinning our wheels. I actually have some faith in the people who are trying to bring about an end to immigration abuse and become equals in our society, they are stronger then any white blogger. Our nation’s shameful solutions to this ‘problem’ that pits workers and those seeking relief from our global policies of slavery, discrimination, and criminalizing  economically and culturally, has no interest in giving them equality or allowing them to become legal.  

    Illegal immigrants is another oxymoron like health care for profit. Mt faith stems not in our busted system but in the resilience that brings these people to our nation. They are not cowardly or docile but have in the past used politics to helped themselves both here like the farm workers under Cesare Chavez, and in countries like Venezuela. So where to direst our voices and how to not contribute to more misery for these people under the guise of reform I can no longer believe in. The liberal white blogsphere is not going to help them they are incapable and throughly corrupted by power they don’t even have. So where and how can a purist help?              

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