Survivalism is Key

March 21,2010 The Official American Death Date!

Now that the IRS can instantly access your bank account the logical procedure would be the drain the entire thing and make it go into your personal fire safe.  Yes, I had a very nice Apocalyptic horse ride today.  I neglected to post my observations on Katrina North and the fucking Flood Police behavior of my small town officials.  Excuse me, but I have never in my life even seen a FEMA official before.

First up is reflection on the racism of anti-racism.  Like very young children who will naturally play together this is how I view these racial divides.  Not a product of nature but a product of nurture.  I believe one has to learn that others, different from oneself are to be viewed with contempt when the manufactured dogmatic history promoted by elite assholes is foisted upon people who are inclined to need fictitous leaders.  That being said I also don’t support the Clockwork Oranging, the scientific attempts to socially engineer out racial tensions at gunpoint,medical intervention or thought pre-crime PC crap.  All of this I think increases the tensions or just produces a next generation of kids with a greater intolerance of other races or belief systems.  I also believe hate is hate and increasingly the R word has been abused to the point of being an entirely meaningless Tower of Babel.  I find the hate behind that even greater than the hate behind the original racial tensions.  Do with that what you will.

As to my weird “Illuminati” belief system.  As to “our” meager 300 million population there are 6 billion on planet earth.  The globalists (Illuminati), the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and that jet setting Davos cretins wield power, sit on boards of companies that operate in 170 countries.  These people have no qualms about stepping on your face or revamping your former lifestyle if it affects their future control, profit margins or the continuation of their sociopathic ways.  I know I get testy but remember I am the child of a sociopath so I don’t trust this everybody has a good heart bullshit.

I have on occasion tried to post some hopeful things.  The back to the future flying cars we should all have right now.  The five minute medical diagnostic devices which might cost $100 bucks to build.  The psychic spiritual communion I had with my grandson.  I have always thought I was speaking to a mere five people though.  It comes back to how people want to, have been told to and will readily step upon another’s face to advance themselves, make themselves feel more of a “community”.  I am in this hate people mode right now, looking for that bomb Iran and WWIII start and planet cleansing of the disease that is us.

Why so pissed?  Well it goes back to the flood police.  The yuppie FEMA agent, the two cop cars, the lone army guy and the two electric light trucks who showed up only after the flood waters started to receed.  Not really there to help but instead to look for “code violations”.  Power to a house which should not have power.  Propane tanks which may have been shifted off their mounting bases due to high water.  Oil tanks loosened from water in the basement.  No, these people who only reared their heads after the rain stopped were far more into control than they were into benevolent assistance.

As the country ends I do too.  I was hoping to get another summer of blissful remote wilderness camping in, but maybe not.  There is change in the winds and its all black.

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