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We Need Every Voice in the Fight


Yeah, I know, it’s hilarious to speak of “voices” in a “fight” when we are at this moment witnessing the kabuki kongress and the other bozo-bloated branches of government.

Yesterday, as rossl recounts in this excellent essay, we find there were around, oh, 1,500-2,000 teabaggers and up to 10,000 antiwar demonstrators.

Well it is good that folks are yelling louder.

But today, yes, it is delicious irony that on a day where we’ve never felt more like failures as Americans, hundreds of thousands of our fellow human beings marched in Washington just for the chance to make it so that they (or their mother, or their father, or their children or their friends or their … ) could have the rights and privileges of citizenship.

Here’s a recent report from their website:


Ok, that’s it from us here. It’s been an amazing, beautiful and historic day here in Washington, DC. But, I want to remind everybody, this is just the beginning. Now the real work to pass immigration reform starts. We were 500,000 strong for the cause today and we should carry that strength and power with us as we move forward. Tomorrow, call your Senator at 866-877-5552 and tell them you want immigration reform now. We can win this, but we need every voice in the fight.

What I have learned from the HCR national debate is that my own supposed allies, Democrats, are willing to throw out human rights and human dignity as negotiating tools without even fucking using them.  That steams me.

The liberal white blogosphere, I have also come to learn, is not going to consistently cover this aspect of the upcoming immigration debate.

Buhdy spoke the other day about negotiation.

Fool me once.

I’m not watching C-SPAN or following live blogs of corrupted government officials voting for legislation that utterly devalues our most precious American values, the values that the demonstrators today feel strongly enough about to want to be citizens, even with all the problems in our country.

I’m watching folks 500,000 strong.  The media may not pay any attention to them and the white liberal blogs may see them only as a political calculation instead of as brothers and sisters.

I don’t have much of a voice tonight.  But I’m enough of a loudmouth to fake it when necessary.

Si Se Puede!