Saturday is the day to take action against the wars

If you want to help end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, challenge the military industrial complex, fight for jobs not wars, or anything along those lines, SATURDAY IS YOUR DAY OF ACTION!  There will be a massive peace march in DC – some say they are expecting hundreds of thousands to show up – and events all over the nation.  On Sunday there will also be an event in Seattle, for those of you near there.

Please join me in DC – if you’re looking for me, I’ll be with the “We Are Not Your Soldiers” contingent (carrying a peace flag and with my brother, who will be videotaping) and for part of the day I’ll be marching with former US Senator and presidential candidate Mike Gravel.

Here are events going on, on Saturday:

Washington, DC

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Puerto Rico (this is asking people to put candles in their windows all weekend – do it wherever you live!)


Five Days of peace action in New Jersey leading up to the DC march

North Country Peace Group in New York



South Dakota

Seattle (Sunday)

To get excited, check out these vidWashington, DCeos of Cindy Sheehan’s launch of her new project, Camp OUT NOW.  It is an encampment on the national mall that will remain there until our troops are out of the Middle East and veterans are getting fair treatment.

A lot of people are hoping that the antiwar movement will be reinvigorated this weekend.  I’ll be doing my part to make sure that comes true.  Will you?


  1. … tomorrow, rossl.

    Even though my focus is on the immigration march the next day, it was your asking for OTB to put up the badge for tomorrow’s action of the anti-war movement that got me to ask her to put the badge up for the “Change Takes Courage” march on Sunday.

    I checked out the information on the link and one of my favorite parts of what’s happening in D.C. is:

    Students facing tuition hikes and cutbacks, workers who have been laid-off from their jobs, people without health care and facing foreclosure or eviction, or others feeling the domestic impact of the war are bringing some visual representation of their struggles. This may be in the form of a handmade sign, or it may be another type of creative visual representation.

    You can also bring visuals that are specific to the stops on the march. We will be marching from the White House to the offices of Halliburton, Washington Post, Mortgage Bankers Association of America, National Endowment for Democracy and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

    For example, Cheney puppets would be great to have when we go to Halliburton. You might want to bring a copy of the Washington Post to return to their doorstep since it’s functioning as pro-war propaganda rather than real news. Think about each stop and be creative!

    No anti-war movement can exclude Halliburton from its attention, imo.

    Thanks for doing this, rossl, and for sharing the information with us – I’ll look forward to your report when you return.

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