Do Or Die!


Our backs are against the wall. They laugh in our faces. They spit on our lives. They strip us of our dignity and scare us into servitude.

They break every promise. They lie through their teeth. They hate, they scorn and ridicule anyone not like them; rich, privileged, pampered and entitled. They claim to speak for us and represent us and work for our common good. But it is all the smoke and mirrors of backroom deals and pacts with the devil.

They have stolen our birthright and murdered our future. They have robbed us deaf, dumb and blind. They have left us for dead by the side of the road after they’ve trampled us with limos and battle-tanks. They have sucked us dry down to the marrow and demand we grind our bones into to dust to make potions, elixirs and brews to finance their eternal life of egregious vainglory.

They have taken freedom of choice and turned it into do or die. The last choice.

What will we do?


To fight back, we have to know our alien enemy. They are not like us. They do not feel what we feel. They do not feel our pain. They are cold-blooded killers. To them empathy is a number. To them we are an uncountable mass equation which requires no answer but force of arms. We are cockroaches overrun the plantation and their solution is extermination. To them there are two kinds of human beings; cockroaches and slaves. One is to be stomped under boot and the other worked to death with heavy labor and prison rations.

They have names; we have numbers. They have faces beamed into our propaganda machines with bright, sunny smiles full of satisfied self-aggrandizement for all they good they do for The People. But the people they mean is their own kind. We are a nameless, faceless mass of ankle-biting, whining, clueless buzzing insects who are unfit for self-government. We have to be herded, coerced and imprisoned within cages of limitation, low expectations and pipe-dreams of liberation by saints and saviors but never through our own efforts. We are meant to wait passively and suffer silently for an absent future.

They are a race of liars. They say one thing and do another. There motto is ‘do as I say, not as I do.’ They justify genocide in the name of freedom. They justify class-war in the name of self-evident truth. They justify injustice in the name of God.

They are a race of deceivers. Serpents in the garden who promise eternal life as they strangle the life-breath from your soul on the killing ground of despair, poverty, fear and loathing. They say we deserve our plight, our position of weakness, our hopeless situation because we are sinners who made the mistake of being born human into an inhumane world. They say “There but for the grace of God go I” as they step over your rotting corpse of the living dead, but they know there is no grace but that which is taken at the barrel of a gun. There is no God but the one they invented in their own image of greed, gluttony and jealousy.

They are a race of inhuman monsters in sheep’s clothing. Predators. Vampires. Fallen angels of old who to this day lie, cheat and steal the souls of men to live on borrowed time. They are a race of hubris who believe they are heroes. They breed tragedy on a biblical scale and call it ‘the way things are’ or ‘the will of God.’ Their hands are tied not because they lack will, but because they will not. They make the choice every day to separate themselves into another race of being entirely by the Peterishly proud denial of their humanity. They believe their self-professed intelligence and wisdom raises them above their animal nature but instead drives them further into the image of the beast. Their glib confidence masks a heart of darkness.

So, our first understanding is though they look like us and talk like us and pretend to be one of us, they are not. They are an alien race whose only interest in us is what they can take from us; from money to blood to our soul-breath.

When we drive a stake through their hearts and they scream and cry like us, we cannot allow ourselves to be fooled. These are not monsters like the love-struck King Kong or the addle brained, softhearted Frankenstein. These are cold blooded murdering monsters and it us either us or them.

Indeed, we are the dragon slayers. We are the heroes of renown who fight against the dark powers. Zeus was a tyrant who wanted humankind enslaved in cold ignorance and Prometheus was the hero who gave us fire and knowledge. We are the rebel alliance who fight against the evil empire of corrupt power and  recreational evil. We are the children of light who live and love in harmony with all that is, if only we choose. It is our duty and our moral responsibility to weed-out the two-faced creatures who dwell in the halls of power as sycophants and enablers of monstrous agendas. Equally, it is our destiny to vanquish outright monstrous, inhuman power itself and rid the world of alien invaders who cannot appreciate the beauty of life on Earth or enjoy the endless bounty of the creative imagination and the free will to do good which is the grace of God.

The choice is clear – us or them. There is no room for bi-partisanship in the face of evil.

The fight isn’t between political parties but between political parties and humanity. Life is about Liberty and Justice for ALL.

Now is the time: Do or Die!


    • gottlieb on March 15, 2010 at 6:25 pm
    • Diane G on March 16, 2010 at 2:26 am

    wish they could all think like you.

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