For Your Consideration: Attacking Back

(Dennis Kucinich is demonstrating his leadership again by calling for “The Medicare Public Option”, the proposal to allow people under 65 to buy into Medicare, to be passed in reconciliation of the current health care bill.

Though as originally introduced on the House floor, Representative Alan Grayson did not expressly ask that the Medicare You Can Buy Into Act (HR4789) be passed immediately, in reconciliation of the current Senate health care bill, he has since suggested that he is interested in this, and there is already a movement growing to do exactly that.

Dennis Kucinich has a new radio spot on this issue ready to go:

“Hi, this is Dennis Kucinich, on REAL health reform. We all know what really needs to be done, to expand what’s REALLY working, which is Medicare, in a way that makes common sense, and is fiscally sound. That’s why I’M pushing for an up or down vote on The Medicare Public Option, to give people younger than age 65 the OPTION to buy into Medicare, at a fair price, if they WANT to. I don’t KNOW what the rest of Congress is going to do, I just want you to know, that as YOUR representative I’m fighting so that you can have a REAL DEAL. I’m Dennis Kucinich, and I approved this message.” – promoted by ek hornbeck)

Jane Hamsher, again, says it quite eloquently when she calls out for attacking Dennis Kucinich for sticking with his promise to not vote for a HCR bill that did not have a Public Option. Rep. Kucinich is being attack by the so-called “liberal” blogosphere that has now veered fo far right that it is unrecognizable to true progressives like Ms. Hamsher.

Last August, progressive groups including MoveOn, DFA and blogs across the country came together to raise over $430,000 for 65 members of Congress who pledged to vote against any health care bill that doesn’t have a public option.

Now every excuse made by the President and Congress for not including a public option has crumbled. MoveOn is against Kucinich for keeping that promise, and far from supporting members of Congress who keep that pledge, the unions are them with primaries.

If George Bush had tried to pass a health care bill that was the worst blow to the right to choose since the passage of the Hyde Amendment 35 years ago, liberal groups would be screaming bloody murder.

I think this says quite a bit about the hypocrisy of the “Left”

I said “I find it odd that when it’s down to Joe Lieberman’s one vote, everybody shrugs their shoulders and says ‘oh well, we just have to write the bill Joe wants, because what can you do, one vote.’  And when it’s Dennis Kucinich’s one vote, which  represents what 80% of the American people want, it’s “lets crush Dennis Kucinich so we can give Joe Lieberman everything he wants.” Somehow the argument keeps switching so that the corrupt deal that the White House negotiated with the pharmaceutical companies gets passed no matter what.

MoveOn, DFA and the “left” blogosphere are the new right.

Join Jane Hamsher’s call to those members of congress who said they would not vote for this bill unless there was a public option, protects a womans’ reproductive rights and show support for Dennis Kucinich, a true liberal with the guts to protect us from corporatists, the health care insurance and pharmaceutical companies companies.

65 Reps Took the Public Option Pledge: Will They Keep Their Word?

Pro-Choice Members of Congress Must Protect the Right to Choose in Health Care

Stand up for Fire Dog Rep. Kucinich

Help show Washington that it pays to stand up to corporate power. Donate $5 and let Fire Dog Dennis Kucinich know we’ve got his back for keeping his pledge to oppose any bill without a public option.


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    • TMC on March 15, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    and Jane Hamsher for holding Democrats accountable.

    • Edger on March 15, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    I’m Down With Dennis

    Let me get this straight. The Senate will pass a public option if the House will. And the House will, because it already did. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t allow it. So the mortal enemy of public-option backers is . . . Dennis Kucinich.

    Why? Because when Congressman Kucinich said he’d stand for a public option he stupidly thought he was supposed to mean it.

    When the president and the speaker of the House thought it would be strategic to censor any talk of single-payer healthcare, almost every member of Congress and almost every astroturfing party-before-country activist group and labor union, and almost every follower of those groups, fell obediently into line. “We’ll open the debate with the least we’ll settle for, a pathetic token public-option,” they thought cleverly, rubbing their hands together. “Then we’ll compromise down from there.”

    bold added

    Let MoveOn answer that…………

  1. Greenwald was right.  If only I knew how to embed a quote, or were ambitious enough to look it up, I’d show ya.

    • Edger on March 16, 2010 at 12:07 am

    when the bots start with their “perfect is the emeny of the good” bullshit, this works….

    Mediocre is the enemy of the good.

    Good is universal single payer.

    Universal single payer is not perfect but it will do.

  2. disbelief. How did America squander her good will and unbelievable great wealth and promise in just 65 years?

    Yes, it is a stunning turn of events, the entire federal governmnet turned into a criminal cartel in cahoots with the financiers and generals.

    What does it mean? I think it means that history is a broken record. Perhas Aristotole knew quite well what he was thinking when he observed that man is a political animal.

    Universal healthcare in America a pipe dream in 2010? It is truly shameful. Kucinich is one of a very few who see the crime of America turning her back on her very own. Are the others too blind to see or just too engrossed in their power and self importance to give a damn?

    Man, I sure don’t recognize this country.

  3. Dennis Kucinich, held out as long as he could, but has now capitulated, this a.m., and will vote for the health care reform bill, despite his intense feelings about the bill!


    • TMC on March 17, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    The Kucinich Switch And The Whip Count

    By: David Dayen Wednesday March 17, 2010 7:54 am

    Adding in Kucinich’s support, and Ann Kirkpatrick’s, to the last whip count puts the number at 193 yes, 205 no, and 208-208 with leaners. That leaves Democrats needing 8 of the final 15 uncommitted votes to come through. The group includes five who voted no last time, and 10 who voted yes. So theoretically, if nobody flips to no, the Democrats have the votes. Here are the final 15:

    Lincoln Davis, Jim Matheson, Harry Teague, Travis Childers, John Barrow, Zack Space, Chris Carney, Brad Ellsworth, Jerry Costello, Henry Cuellar, Nick Rahall, Solomon Ortiz, Earl Pomeroy, Bill Foster, Harry Mitchell.

    That’s quite a conservative group, all on the right side of the caucus. I don’t think Kucinich’s announcement really sways any of them; Kirkpatrick, a freshman from a swing district, would actually do more. And as I’ve said repeatedly, it’s the Stupak bloc, or members from it who split off, who will ultimately be in the position to decide this thing.

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