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I have been trying to post up, as time permits and doing other issues, on the Inquiries, and related, especially as the number grew as well as the possibilities of more coming. Have them at a stand alone site here if interested.

Staying on: The last Brits in Iraq

13 February 2010

Most people think Britain’s military involvement in Iraq is over. But for the forgotten Royal Navy and Royal Marine teams that remain in the country, the truth is very different indeed

Royal Marine Danny Cole, of the Iraqi Training Advisory Mission at Umm Qasr, reflects: ‘It is sad to think that the rest of the world doesn’t even know that we are here’

His forehead furrowed with concentration, Sajad grips the wheel of the Defender twin-engined boat as he spins it into a perfectly executed turn at speed, sending out a swell of seawater and spray. Triumphantly, he looks to his boyhood friend from Basra, equally resplendent in his new Iraqi Navy uniform, and the pair share the laugh of lads who have just discovered an exciting toy. >>>>>

And they, along with the U.S. will probably try and keep troops in country for years. I doubt the Brits will stay though, the U.S. will want, especially hawks and profitteers, to control what they can and destablize any Iraqi Government via puppets or strong arm!

The Pre-Iraq War Lies Conspiracy-Conspiracy: Nice Try, Tony

February 12, 2010

Tony Blair has discovered that nobody, but nobody, believes his bullshit anymore, and the possibility of far more hostile attention to come, from signing his country up for the illegal War On Iraq back in 2002, is dampening his trousers and dementing his mind. He’s now ranting like a fucking loon :


Tony Blair yesterday launched an extraordinary attack on the Iraq inquiry – as the chairman warned that he and others could be recalled over ‘gaps’ in their evidence.

   Speaking on Fox News he said critics of the war were obsessed with conspiracy theories, and refused to accept that his motives were ‘genuine’.

   ‘There’s got to be some conspiracy behind it. Some great, you know, deceit that’s gone on, and people just find it hard to understand that it’s possible for people to have different points of view and hold them reasonably for genuine reasons.’

The claims of a conspiracy are in themselves a conspiracy….right. >>>>>

UK Iraq Inquiry Uncovering Real Truth Behind War

14 February, 2010

Over the last four months, Britain’s Iraq War Inquiry has begun uncovering the real truth behind that conflict. The inquiry, ordered by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and chaired by former civil servant Sir John Chilcott, has seen some stunning evidence provided by witnesses.

Yet some of this stunning evidence has been un-surprising in a way. The revelation by two Foreign Office lawyers that they had advised then foreign secretary Jack Straw that any invasion would be illegal under international law was one. While Straw inevitably rejected that advice, the two lawyer’s testimony offered up the first real concrete evidence that the UK Government broke international law by participating in the US-led invasion. >>>>>

“Stand by your Man”.. {music notes please}

Alastair Campbell’s Emotional Spin for a Change

February 14, 2010

Watch emotional spin doctor Alastair Campbell* break down in a TV interview on the Iraq war’s ‘dodgy dossier’.

Is it genuine or just another shameless spin?

“The arch media manipulator, says the Daily Mail, “appeared for a few seconds almost to lose it altogether when he was pressed over Tony Blair’s evidence to the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war”.

Apparently Campbell was so upset because Tony Blair is actually a ” totally honourable man”. Clearly Campbell is not upset by the FACT that his own dodgy dossier led to an illegal war and a genocide. >>>>>

What went on in private with these clowns, not only on the Brit side but with the tony and the bush or other counterparts, and I’m not thinking of policy talk, it’s like their defending or standing by “their man”.

Were There Lasting Results Of 15 Feb. 2003

The people’s brakes on war

15 February 2010

Protesters filled London’s streets

Historic protests couldn’t stop the invasion of Iraq, but the legacy will be felt if conflict grows with Iran

Seven years ago today, it was hard to believe how many people were on the streets trying to prevent the Iraq war. There was anger and foreboding, but also a feeling of exhilaration. Surely a march this big would have some effect. As we know, it didn’t.

Yet the numbers on that 15 February 2003 march, the biggest demonstration ever held in Britain (joined by more than 10 million people in over 60 countries in what became the largest worldwide demonstration in history), do matter. Because what they pointed to was something unique. For every regular protester, there were a vast number of people who’d never marched before.

So was the protest a failure?


A puppet representing Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi during the demonstration in Rome

Not just in parliament, where the vote for war was won by only 12 MPs, but in the traditionally conser¬≠vative press. The Daily Mail pointed to the anti-war demonstrators gathered for Blair’s appearance before the Chilcot inquiry, and a poll showing that 80% of people polled thought Blair was lying, to state the country now shared the ¬≠sentiments of the protesters. >>>>>

Pandora’s lid was torn off the box, lives changed forever, lives that is of the survivors!!

Death in suburban Baghdad

17 February 2010

As the Chilcot Inquiry assesses its evidence, Baghdad residents must deal with the daily horrors of life post-Saddam. One of them, 14-year-old Nour Salman, lives in fear of her life after the systematic slaying of her mother, brothers and sisters


Iraqi teenager Nour Salman visits her home for the first time following the killing of her mother and sisters there, which she witnessed from under a couch

On a searing late summer afternoon in August 2008, Nour Salman, a 12-year-old girl in a blood-soaked dishdasha, was found stumbling wild-eyed through the war-ruined south Baghdad suburb of Dora. She was trembling and deeply traumatised, though physically unwounded. “They are gone, gone,” she screamed. “All of them are dead.” >>>>>


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