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UpDating On The Iraq War Inquiries

I have been trying to post up, as time permits and doing other issues, on the Inquiries, and related, especially as the number grew as well as the possibilities of more coming. Have them at a stand alone site here if interested.

Staying on: The last Brits in Iraq

13 February 2010

Most people think Britain’s military involvement in Iraq is over. But for the forgotten Royal Navy and Royal Marine teams that remain in the country, the truth is very different indeed

Royal Marine Danny Cole, of the Iraqi Training Advisory Mission at Umm Qasr, reflects: ‘It is sad to think that the rest of the world doesn’t even know that we are here’

His forehead furrowed with concentration, Sajad grips the wheel of the Defender twin-engined boat as he spins it into a perfectly executed turn at speed, sending out a swell of seawater and spray. Triumphantly, he looks to his boyhood friend from Basra, equally resplendent in his new Iraqi Navy uniform, and the pair share the laugh of lads who have just discovered an exciting toy. >>>>>