Puppy Bowl VI Liveblogging

Well folks, today is the sixth annual Puppy Bowl, a spectacle of juvenile canine frivolity that (briefly interrupted by the Bissell Kitty Halftime Show) provides as much butt sniffing, barking, snarling, and wrestling over saliva soaked chew toys as a typical day in Washington D.C.

I understand there is also a game.

As you might be able to tell I’m more of a cat person.  I like them because they’re self reliant and not continually demanding your attention though they will take a shit right in the middle of your desk if they’re pissed off at you.

Dogs will wait faithfully until they can’t stand your inoring them anymore and are always happy to give you unconditional love no matter how badly you mistreat them.

There’s a metaphor in that I think.

In any event the Gilmores, while currently canine free, have owned a series of unimaginatively named dogs-  Terry the Terrier, Dally The Dalmatian (from a children’s book), and Mr. Beagle E. Beagle (from Grape Ape).

FrenchyFrenchy the Papillion was my brother’s ex-wife’s and the only thing he wanted in the divorce, given her propensity to buy and discard pets (and people) faster than the latest fashion accessory.

After many happy years humping Coke bottles Frenchy alas has passed leaving behind only memories, stains, and vet bills we are still stuggling to pay.

Cats crawl off to die alone.

Not that it’s a good thing.  Richard for one still misses Frenchy, but being of advancing years himself is reluctant to make a commitment to an animal that may well out live him.

Which is why you should never buy a parrot.

My SciFi watching friend likes Shar Peis and has owed several.  Her current canine is exceptionally well behaved considering his background is as a rescue dog from the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

He doesn’t even seem to mind the cold and snow so much though I’ve noticed he’s starting to shed a little.

She’s heavily into Dog Whisperer behavior modification and they’re still wrestling over door dominance which makes arrivals and departures a little awkward for uninitiates like me, though I’ve tried to be cool and non threatening and yet welcoming at the same time.

I’ve had to switch shoes since he seems to have a fascination with my regular pair, but he doesn’t drool as much as some and is safe around human food.

One unfortunate habit of his is to bully smaller dogs at the Dog Park and it puts me in mind of something I noticed watching the re-runs of Puppy Bowl V which was a lot of ‘unnecessary ruffness’.

But as I said I’m not a dog person so what do I know?

I’m told there will be Bunny Cheer Leaders (good luck with that) and a Hamster (not to be confused with Jane Hamsher) Powered Blimp for overhead shots this year so it should be a spectacular show.


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  1. Animal Planet will be running continuous repeats of [Puppy Bowl VI ] until 5 am, so if you’re into animals and alternative programming and not so interested in what only Americans and Canadians (welcome Tim Tebow) call Football or Yacht Racing, you’ll have plenty of chances to see it.

    Or on AMC there is Blazing Saddles which I think is one of Mel Brooks’ two funniest movies (the other being Young Frankenstein).  

  2. but I’m still up before the end of the National Anthem.

  3. Sir Winston



    Jersey Boy

    Duncan the Beagle

  4. Almost a Puppy Touchdown in the first few minutes of play!

  5. Fava scores 2 in 10 seconds!

    One for each team.

    And the Bunny Cheerleaders go crazy!

    • TMC on February 7, 2010 at 21:17

    You mean there really is a “Puppy Bowl”? And I’m missing this?  I miss my dog


    Mulder, the 120 lb. Labrador “Recliner” and his cat, Oberon, both rescues. Oberon is still with us, he’s about 18 years old. And, Yes, that is a $200 pot he’s locking. 😉

  6. Apparently Chloe is still in with 5 substitutions-





  7. Got too damn busy typing to follow the action.

    • TMC on February 7, 2010 at 21:25

    From Free_Radical1

    Why did #PuppyBowlVI choose rabbits for cheerleaders? They’re infamous for their DISAPPROVAL: Rabbit Chearleaders

  8. There are apparently no rules on the number of players on the field.

  9. . . . if one of the teams was grizzly bears instead of puppies.

  10. That’s the end of the quarter.

    A Stephen Colbert Kit Kat Bar endorsement by the Ref.

  11. It’s Toonces the Driving Cat!

  12. Eenu




  13. And there was much rejoicing.

  14. Maya the dog reports that the “puppies” are actually animated and not real live dogs. I have no idea why she’s saying this.  She is now telling me that you have to have good dog-dar to understand this…

    More after kickoff of the Stupid Bowl.  

  15. Jake




    • Robyn on February 7, 2010 at 21:49

    …a Greenroots diary, myself:  Tortoises and see lions.

    Not much interest has been displayed.

  16. My favorite part.

  17. And Now The Grand Finale!

  18. New puppies-




    Tater Tot


  19. I was talking about.

    Toby and Yum.

    Unnecessary Ruffness on Toby.


  20. Or Brandy.

    I might have missed something.

  21. Mason



  22. Bear in for Yums.

  23. Illegal use of the paws.

  24. down on the field.

  25. Time for a hydration break.

  26. Another Colbert Kit Kat moment.

  27. Savanah


    Carson again?

    One I missed.

  28. C’mon-


    2 Touchdowns in 10 seconds.

    One at each end.

  29. Kiva, I didn’t see for who.

  30. Illegal napping.

    I wish.

  31. Illegal use of the teeth.


  32. The Cheerleaders rejoice.

  33. MVP?

    This was more fixed than the 2000 Election!

  34. but it’s less than an hour to my next deadline.

  35. Gerbil Piloted Blimps.

    I see my suggestion that they have monkeys be referees has not been taken, nonetheless there are bunny cheerleaders so I guess I can say this is still better than that other game.

    • dkmich on February 8, 2010 at 00:15

    He comes when he’s called, but he demands attention in return.  He meows non-stop until he drives you up and out of bed to feed him his breakfast and give him his AM treat.  When he wants you to pet him, he won’t take no for an answer.  He pushes his cold nose into whatever exposed body part is nearest to him.  All arms must be under the bed covers to make him stop.  He is a Himalayan.  He thinks he’s royalty, and people are his servants. .


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