Sunday Morning – The Fuck Texas and their Mis-Education System Edition

(no offense to Lady Libertine or any other sane reader/writer who has the poor luck to live in the State that brought us the Bush regime… and this shit.)

Hat tip to Elian Maricon, the busiest man in America, for sending me this outfuckingrageous link. Don’t worry, E, I got your back my brother, keep your nose in that book so you and your Masters degree can support me in my old age someday, in the poverty-stricken manner to which I am accustomed.

Check this clusterfuck out:

The UFW needs your help to stop the Texas state Board of Education from erasing Cesar Chavez and all Hispanic historical figures from public school text books. Since Texas is such a major textbook purchaser, such a move could have a nationwide impact.

This Wednesday, Jan. 13, the state board will take a preliminary vote to adopt new standards for social studies texts. These new standards would eliminate all Hispanics since the conquest of Mexico in the early 16th Century.Cesar Chavez, arguably the most important Hispanic civil rights leader of the 20th Century, is among the historical figures to be eliminated. One of Lowe’s so called “experts” said that Chavez “lacks the stature…and contributions” and should not be “held up to our children as someone worthy of emulation.”

To read the entire story and then take action  go to:…

History can only be written about those “WORTHY OF EMULATION?”


Ok, you inbred assholes, with your 10 gallon douchebag hats, lets play, shall we?

God forbid our children learn that there are men who tried to break the Elite hold of all the wealth of a Country and allow the peasants to live like men instead of slaves.

God knows they should only learn histories of the Victors, like Ronald Reagan whose trickle down theory started the economic collapse that now leaves them eating their fucking creationist bibles as salads, and the methane from their bloated rotting families corpses tapped for the methane to run the Bush family’s Korporate Jets.


I think we should strike Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, and most definitely Nixon from the books, then. I mean, who would want our children to emulate them? Liars, crooks, mass-murders and thieves, right?

Then we have to strike any mention of WWII from the books, because who would want them to emulate Hitler? Oh wait, maybe the white supremists there do! By that standard, we need to strike anyone not Christian and lily-fucking-white from the books too!

The Cuban missile crisis? Never happened. After all any mention of that commie Castro might give them ideas, that instead of slaving for United Fruit and the Casinos, they might just ask, “May I have a scrap of food!!”

Vietnam? More commies; can’t have that.


I think I’ve got it now. Revisionist History.

American white-washed history.

“In the beginning there was light, and God created the United States and put all the Good White God Loving Freedom Loving Republicans there to live with the Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur meat made horrible pate, so God smote them.

He sent his son to Washington DC, where the Good Founding Fathers like George Washington tried to save him, but the nasty Commies and Brown People hung him in Times Square.

God spake unto them, that they would be eternally punished for that, unless they worshiped the Right of His Temple, Wall Street, and praised their Jesus’ manna, the Dollar.

He told them to be chaste servants of his Chosen People, and that it was their God-bound duty to accept their lot as fodder for his right arm, The Military Industrial Complex, as it was written, so it shall be done.

God then filled the rest of the World with Brown People, who had the audacity to speak languages other than the God-Given American English, so that we could prove our love for him by smiting those lesser Devils and giving their lands and bounty to Our Chosen Elites… proving our Love of God and the God Given Land of America, by planting the Stars and Bars in the bloodied lifeless chests of said Devils.

God then created Jerry Springer and Rush Limbaugh to teach his people how to burn with Righteous Rage against the evil-doers who were not White, Christian and subservient to their Master Elites.

He then sent His Other Prophets, the Lords of the House of PNAC, and his other son Dick Cheney, so that the smiting and cleansing of the Rest of the World could be concluded so that we shall all live as Holy Servants happily ever after.

This is Our American History.

Love it or get the Fuck Out, so we can Smite You.

The End.


So it is Smitten, so it shall be Undone.


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    • Diane G on January 10, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    from History using the “litmus test” of people you wouldn’t want your kid to emulate?

    I bet we could come up with a HUGE counter-list for them!

    • dkmich on January 10, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    About 30 years starting with Reagan up to today.  

  1. i dont know what to say. thank gods my kid is in an I.B. school in the vanguard (gifted) program … the new “White Flight”, but yeah it sux. Second only to Texas’ whole “justice” system.

  2. arresting homeschoolers

    Drugs, compliance education, pre-kindergarten sexual orientation classes, state sponsored compliance indoctrination, deliberate dumbing down.  For whatever reasons removing your kids from the knife fight that is the local school dance removal of your kids from that setting is not within your parental perogative.

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