Sheeple Shit News

When I have to partake things from the commercial infotainment propaganda system I have to filter it out spiritually.  To see the big picture details are just not important rather details do get in the way of seeing the big picture.  NBC WBZTV in Boston ended a “newscast” story about the Newark airport fiasco by saying there ought to be stiffer penalties for the guy who walked through a vacant screening station thus shutting down the entire airport.  WTF?  Allow me to get a tad crude here.  Allow me to fully illustrate my current contempt.

There ought to be stiffer penalties for people who do not properly suck the cock of the new national fascism inducing war on terror?  Yes, when confronted with a “situation” you are supposed to bow to your corporate masters and resist the human urge to kiss your sweetheart one more time.

And what possible other diversionary purpose could this latest fruit of the boom false flag operation serve?  Taking news bandwidth away from the you can never get a doctor again bill.

In other locally driven politics WTKK, the local “red” political talk radio station seized upon the opportunity to call for legislation against older drivers after a few accidents involving elders made the news.  Well the legislation never materialized but instead generated anger in the ranks of police officers so inclined toward right wing politics lately.  Enter my mother who drove by an officer on detail(no the flagman thing never went anywhere).  The officer lodges a criminal complaint screaming at the top of his lungs that my mother almost hit him.  My mother, having never had so much as a speeding ticket is tramatized by the event.  Outside of Ma being able and qualified to drive in a suburban setting no car means radical life altering change thus driving elders into the “service” economy.  So here we have the right with their “opposition” to this blue “nanny state” endorsing nanny type legislation.

Just another day in Afmurikastan.  Happy New Fucking Year.


  1. it’s taking “news” bandwidth away from the run don’t walk to your local swine eugenics shot program.

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