Progressive Democrats of America takes strong stand for Marcy Winograd

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PDA takes a courageous, principled stance against typical democratic cronyism.  I offer this diary as a continuation of Tom P’s recent essay discussing Winograd, Waxman, and Harmon, and primarily as an example of real courage and standing on principle rather than compromise.  

PDA founder Tim Carpenter and the executive board members have signed a letter asking Lynn Woolsey, co-founder of the CPC and a PDA board member herself, to cancel her scheduled speaking engagement at a campaign event for Harmon.  

Tim Carpenter writes;

We have heard from many progressives, both inside and outside PDA, expressing disapproval of PDA advisory board member Lynn Woolsey’s decision to headline a fundraising event for Jane Harman this coming Saturday in Venice, California. As you probably already know, PDA has endorsed Marcy Winograd in California’s 36th Congressional District, the seat currently held by Jane Harman.

The letter follows, and there is a link for you to become a co-signer at the end of the letter:



CPC Co-chair and PDA Advisory Board member Rep. Lynn Woolsey Headlines Fundraiser for War Hawk, Rep. Jane Harman

Please sign the letter below. To add your signature, enter your name and address in the short form at the bottom of this page and click on “send message.”

DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 13 at 12:00 PM EST–Noon Eastern.

Dear Lynn,

In recent days, ever since the announcement of your scheduled appearance as the headliner at the January 16 fund-raising event in Venice for Rep. Harman, we have been hearing about it from many PDA activists and other progressives in California and around the country. The tone and emphasis of the responses vary, but the overwhelming gist is clear: The progressive base is upset about your scheduled involvement and hopes that you will withdraw from this event.

As an organization, Progressive Democrats of America joins in that request.

Given your longstanding and exemplary leadership on a wide range of peace and justice issues, it would be counterproductive to aid Rep. Harman’s re-election efforts. Her pro-war record is well known, having voted most recently to spend billions to continue the occupation of Iraq and escalate in Afghanistan. Her October 2002 vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq was in stark contrast to the “no” votes by most House Democrats. Harman has an equally appalling record on civil liberties, having lobbied the New York Times to suppress the story about Bush’s wiretaps on the eve of the 2004 election, then going on television to defend the illegal wiretaps. In addition, she voted for the bankruptcy bill, then more recently voted against mortgage relief in bankruptcy court, despite the fact that several thousand of her constituents are facing foreclosure. On the health care front, she recently voted against fast-tracking affordable generic medications for patients with breast cancer, brain tumors, Parkinson’s and rare diseases.

Fortunately, Rep. Harman faces a strong primary challenge from someone who exemplifies the idealistic commitments and progressive values that have been central to your work in Congress. Marcy Winograd’s decades of dedication to working for economic equity, social justice, civil liberties and peace offer a sharp contrast to the incumbent in California’s 36th district. Unlike the incumbent, Winograd will represent the public interest, not Wall Street or war profiteers.

As Marcy Winograd said in the speech that kicked off her current campaign: “Jane Harman took us to war without taking a second look at the National Intelligence Estimate, which highlighted and boxed analysts’ doubts about the fictitious weapons of mass destruction. Jane Harman not only took us to war, but continued to waste our taxpayer dollars on supplemental budgets that hid the true cost of the war by not including the price tag in the Defense Department budget.”

The reason that we have Rep. Donna Edwards in the House today as a stalwart advocate for peace and justice is precisely because of her successful primary campaign that unseated a non-progressive Democratic incumbent. Surely such victories are in the interests of all progressives.

This is a painful letter for us to sign, particularly because of our longtime admiration and deep respect for you. But we hope you’ll agree that progressive principles must prevail among friends. We urge you to withdraw from the fund-raising event for Rep. Harman’s campaign.

We look forward to your response.

Peace and justice,

Tim Carpenter

National Director, Progressive Democrats of America

Mimi Kennedy

Advisory Board Chair, Progressive Democrats of America

Donna Smith

Progressive Democrats of America Healthcare NOT Warfare Campaign Co-chair

Norman Solomon

Progressive Democrats of America Healthcare NOT Warfare Campaign Co-chai

To become a co-signer of this letter, click here

Feel good about this ray of truth, this display of integrity.  Keep your eyes upon the good signs, don’t dwell exclusively on the gloom.  We’ll either make it eventually, or we won’t.  No matter, we only need to keep on keepin on.  Go sign the letter.  Thanks.


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  1. I received it, too, and signed on with my own comments.  I hope others will, as well!  

    David Swanson, has the PDA effort up on his site, as well — hopefully, it’s becoming well circulated.

    • Inky99 on January 12, 2010 at 20:41

    I couldn’t vote for her because she was JUST out of my district but I think I may live in that district now.   I moved a mile or so.  😉  

    Might be a (D) I’d actually vote for if given the chance.

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