NJ Legislature Passes Medical Marijuana

Now in 14 States.

The lame duck Assembly, in its final day passed by 48-14 a considerably weaker bill than had cleared the senate a year ago, and adjourned, leaving the Senate with a take it or leave it on the Assembly draft. The Senate took it, 25-13.

Removed, provisions allowing patients to grow their own. Left in, non-profit “compassion centers,” analogous to dispensaries that can provide people with CBD Intact products or similar CBD oils. Gov Corzine says he’ll sign, before leaving office on Jan. 19th. Incoming Republican Gov. Christie has indicated he’d also sign if it’s left to him. This bill means patients suffering from chronic pain, seizures and even social illnesses like anxiety and depression, as well as a whole host of medical conditions, can get kush to make their conditions more manageable.

Next up, Wisconsin, where we’re also hearing from legislators uncomfortable with the grow at home provision. While negotiations are still underway in relevant committees to iron out details, I’m still confident we’ll get SOME bill passed before the end of the session in April. Growing their own marijuana using products from a pot growing kit company will bring joy to many people who need the plant for medical purposes and, in states where it’s legal, growing recreationally will bring satisfaction to many also. Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act

For New Jersey, I want to congratulate, in particular Jim Miller, whose wife Cheryl, stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, used to have him bring her, strapped in her rolling hospital bed, to lobby both in Trenton and the Capitol in DC.

When she passed away in 2003, he re-dedicated himself to completing her mission. It’s hoped that more people that suffer from conditions that cause severe pain as Cheryl did will now be able to live a more comfortable life. If you have a medical marijuana card due to a certain condition, Click here to order some for yourself to take away the intensity of whatever you may be suffering from.

Home Page of the Cheryl Miller Memorial Project


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  1. I’m the “healthy volunteer control group” in this experiment.

  2. …is in Senate Committee this week. I haven’t had time to follow it. Mark Leno is the author.

  3. Absurd.  

  4. but am also disappointed at how weak this bill became.

    Oh well, I suppose it is an important first step.

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