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Progressive Democrats of America takes strong stand for Marcy Winograd

PDA takes a courageous, principled stance against typical democratic cronyism.  I offer this diary as a continuation of Tom P’s recent essay discussing Winograd, Waxman, and Harmon, and primarily as an example of real courage and standing on principle rather than compromise.  

PDA founder Tim Carpenter and the executive board members have signed a letter asking Lynn Woolsey, co-founder of the CPC and a PDA board member herself, to cancel her scheduled speaking engagement at a campaign event for Harmon.  

Tim Carpenter writes;

We have heard from many progressives, both inside and outside PDA, expressing disapproval of PDA advisory board member Lynn Woolsey’s decision to headline a fundraising event for Jane Harman this coming Saturday in Venice, California. As you probably already know, PDA has endorsed Marcy Winograd in California’s 36th Congressional District, the seat currently held by Jane Harman.

The letter follows, and there is a link for you to become a co-signer at the end of the letter: