United States of Racists

Liz Cheney is a Racist.

I don’t mean to single out Liz Cheney, not that she doesn’t deserve it.   She and her Dad are certainly not the only racists in this country.  We have racists in every corner of our society.  We have racists in every race.  We have a wonderful melting pot of people from all over the world, with racists in every part of the pot.    

Public support has always been necessary in this democratic society we live.  Particularly with wars.  Our government has always worked hard to insure support for its wars by appealing to the racist and fearful  tendencies of the white people.    Genocide against the Native Americans was carried out by painting them as “Savages”.  They were uncivilized sub humans that were out to kill the white people and therefore, to be feared.  Slavery was enacted and continued for hundreds of years by depicting blacks as savages.  Ignorant savages, worthy only of the most menial tasks.   The public viewed them as threats that had to be kept down lest they unleashed their savagery, and simple minded people who should be grateful for their provided tasks and meager subsistence.  When the Native Americans tried to fight back, they were nothing but terrorists in the minds of the imperialist white nation.   They had no rights in racist white America.  The racism against those two races is still prevalent today.


For the past eight plus years, the United States has been waging a Global War on Terror (GWOT).  Similar to the Native American attack on Albany, NY in 1704, the white man has used the occasion to force the gullible and racist public to accept its war on people of a different color.  People that are different.  Savages that must be annihilated before they kill the intelligent and superior white man, rape their women, and scalp their children.


Many now realize that most of the so called terrorists are acting in a manner similar to Native Americans from the 1600’s thru the 1800’s.  They are fighting against an aggressor that threatens their existence.   The same white aggressor that nearly pulled off a complete genocide of the Native American people over one hundred years ago.  The same white aggressor that held other human beings as slaves in this country for over three hundred years.  

To gain support for the racist GWOT, the general public has been told the same old story.   We must fear.  Those we are fighting against are savages whose only goal is to kill us.  It doesn’t matter why they want to kill us.     Only now, the white man is not the only racist.   Support for the invasion and colonization or hegemonic control over the brown and black Muslim people crosses all racial boundaries.  Not universally of course, but slavery and Native American genocide didn’t garner universal support either.  The juxtaposition of of African Americans supporting attacks in Yemen, Somalia, and the actions of this country that assisted the near genocide in Darfur is overwhelming.  


Approximately 60% of the people in this country favor racial profiling based on the GWOT.  Considering the white race makes up about 65% of the population, and many whites do oppose racial profiling, the only conclusion is people of races who have themselves been subjugated by the white race are now supporting the white man’s racist drive for power.  


Sure, Liz Cheney is a racist, as is her father.  Harry Reid is a racist.  President Obama is a racist.  The majority of this country is racist.  Anyone who supports this Global War on Terror is a RACIST.  In a democracy, the majority rules, so we should change the name of this country to the United States of Racists.  


    • Underdog on January 12, 2010 at 05:01

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