My own brother robbed me. Please help.

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Three weeks ago my own brother robbed me of every cent I had left and kicked me out into the street.

    I just landed a job with an up and coming start up Progressive Political organization, but the job does not officially begin to pay until the end of February. I will be working on several of their projects as an opposition researcher, writer and reporter, among other things. This is the break that I have been waiting for. They have provided me with a laptop and cell phone, which is why I am able to write now. This helps a great deal, but it does not replace the money that my brother has stolen from me.

    So I turn now to you, dearest friends, who are more family to me than my only flesh and blood, in the hopes that you can help me out until this job starts up for me, because my only brother just stole from me the last few dollars I had to my name.

If you are able to, please make a donation to the link below.…

    A full explanation and more below the fold.

     I have been homeless since my brother robbed me and kicked me out just before New Year’s, and only the kindness of a few friends who are struggling themselves has kept me off of the streets and out of the cold. I have been going from place to place for the last few weeks while struggling to find work for the short term to no avail.

    Back in late December I had made a similar request for donations, and many of you were kind enough to help. Since I have not had an active bank account of my own I allowed my younger brother to access my paypal account and deposit the total in his bank account with the promise that I would give him a third of the money immediately for room and board since he was the “friend” that I had been staying with. How could I have known that I could not trust my own brother?

    No more than 3 days later, my brother handed me $300 and kicked me out.

    I should have written a thank you note to each and every person who was kind enough to help me before, but without a phone or stable place to live it has been extremely difficult for me to write lately. I am not ashamed to ask for help now because I have been fighting my ass of to find a job. Now that I have found employment I just need some help to get me through this month.

    My brother is the only family I have left to turn to. My mother had a stroke a few years ago and my sister is bi-polar and off of her meds (damned PhRMa companies). I have no other family to turn to. Why my brother robbed me should be explained, as far as I can guess.

    My brother ( 18 months younger than I ) works for a construction company as an assistant project manager. Recently his hours were cut. His lease on his apartment in NYC ends at the end of this month and he is struggling to afford the move into a new place. When he kicked me out, despite the fact that I had given him a third of the donations I had received, he still had a sizable amount of the money I had gotten through your previous donations in his bank account. My original intention was to give him most of that money in return for a place to live until my employment problem was solved. Instead, he kicked me out with $300 in my hand and spent the rest of my money on his new apartment. I have been advised to seek legal recourse against him but I can not do so because it will break my mothers heart, and in her fragile state of health the last thing I wish to do is to add any stress to her precarious condition.

   I harbor no ill feelings towards my brother, I am simply going to cut him out of my life.

   I am staying with a friend who is also unemployed. He is a union iron worker. His gas is going to run out soon, and that means no heat in the winter time. His cable/internet is going to be shut off any minute/day now, and that will effectively shut down my ability to write and look for work in the immediate future until this job begins for me at the end of February. I have no money for food, transportation or access to any of life’s necessities, and thus I turn to you, dear friends, for whatever assistance you can lend me.

    Tomorrow I will be hosting a live blog interview at 7pm ET with Representative Joe Sestak who is running for Senate in PA at I hope you will attend and ask all of the question of Rep. Sestak that you wish to.

   I apologize for the caustic and inflammatory nature of my writing as of late. Needless to say I have been tremendously frustrated as of late, but that is no excuse for the poor quality of my work and any misplaced anger I have felt. I promise to all of you that I will be fighting for Progressive causes to the best of my ability, and if any Democratic politicians happen to read this I have one thing to say to you. We need jobs NOW, and if you can not help us get them you will lose yours. This is reality. If you build it, we will come. If you abandon your base, your base will abandon you. It doesn’t take a professional political writer to figure this out.

   To those of you who can help I thank you in advance and promise to send a thank you note to each and every one of you. To those who can not I offer my thanks anyway. Together we will pull through these times of suffering. We must. But we must do so together. No one should be left behind.

PS. I am willing to pay back anyone who wishes it of me. A loan is much more honorable than a hand out.

P.P.S. I just got an interview for some part time work at 3:45pm today. Wish me luck

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    A poem, for those who lose hope. Never give up. Never surrender.


All I have is hope

Someone someone please

My words remain dead silent

I hope someone’s listening

It feels just like I’m drowning

Water people everywhere

No one can see or hear me

And I’m running out of air

Imagine just one planet

With no moons no stars no sun

Cold lifeless and barren

Nowhere light can come in from

Hideous a monster

Shouldn’t come out of his cave

All that his heart should feel

Is the cold steel of a blade

From the bottom of the pool

I see people in the sun

Watered down romantic fool

Can not remember where I’m from

Deep within cold water

All that I had was hope

It escaped when the light left me

Now all that’s left to do is choke

There still is a slim chance

Someone someone save me please

All I’ve ever had was no one

I hope someone’s listening

By Jesse Eric LaGreca

    Thank you to one and all.

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  1. Just as you posted, I’ve been bawling my eyes out.  Twister is in surgery right now.  In addition to his cancer, the vet called me and said he also has periodontal disease and will have to have canines extracted.  I still don’t know if I’m going to have a job next month.  And I guess the stress is just getting to me a bit.

    It’s stupid to cry like this over my kitty especially since he’s likely to be ok.  I just know how it feels to be alone and it breaks my heart to put him through this pain.

    Even though it’s a pittance and I’m sorry for that, I did put something in and wish I could help more.

    Peace and hugs.

    • chefTDP on January 26, 2010 at 21:32


    you people are really incredible, had I known that there was some compassion still alive in such great numbers, I would have come here sooner.  MinistryOfTruth, I don’t know you but Im sure I can scrounge up a little peace donation for you.  Just seeing your diary and the people here willing to help is fucking, “CHANGE I CAN BELIEVE IN”!!!

    I have to fly into the states tomorrow, early and am going to try and do something before i finish packing tonight, please remind me at [email protected] if you dont see something from me as I am dealing with some court stuff in teh states and my mind isn’t functioning as I would like right now.

  2. But even smaller contributions will add up if 20 or 30 DD’ers can help with $10 each.

    Please help if you can, DD’ers.

    Hang in there, Ministry of Truth.  

    • Viet71 on January 27, 2010 at 00:46

    I’ve followed your saga over several blogs.

    Bummer.  I’m scraping bottom.  Lots of bills to pay.

    Good fucking luck.

    Mean it, bro.

    • Viet71 on January 27, 2010 at 01:21

    reaches my heart.

    Where can I send $100 to give you food, warmth, and maybe comfort?

  3. after the first of the month. I loaned my aunt $100 yesterday or I’d have that extra to loan you. Sorry it’ll be that long.  

  4. just sent u 50.  wish it could be more, but the haiti fundraisers over at GOS got my spare cash.  good things are just around the corner… hang on.

    • wuli on January 27, 2010 at 03:45

    Also, found a little to send your way, wish it was more, truly!  

  5. because I know exactly what you are going through MoT. Let me tell you, most people don’t realize what it means when you start to lose those things that are necessary such as phone, Internet, transportation, permanent address, etc. to even begin putting the pieces back together. A little over 4 years ago, I lost my job and struggled.  At my wits end and days from being homeless, I sent out a similar desperate plea for help.

    That plea for help had unexpected results which brought out the best– and the worst– in people. At first comments were cordial, then Markos gave his blessing– and his curse. Meanwhile our emotions, mine and my wife’s, went from uncontrolled overwhelming gratitude to frustration and then finally to complete exhaustion.

    We did not wind up homeless afterwards and to this day we continue to struggle, but I/we will always be thankful to those who helped.

    I found work, but it consumes much of my time and it does not pay very well, hence my online presence is greatly diminished.

    Best wishes.

  6. I`ll find your paypal account & send at least a little something.

  7. Hang in there.

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