January 22, 2010: Lost

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War is peace, slavery is freedom, corporations are people, money is speech.


The 2010 State of the Union Speech planners had some flubbles with setting the date. TPTB, apparently, determined that it would be ill advised to conflict with a popular tv show’s premiere airing. Or something like that.

But at least it does not have to worry about a “L.O.S.T.” calamity. The White House, which had previously floated January 26 and February 2 as possible address dates. recently took the unusual step of reassuring fans through spokesman Robert Gibbs that Obama would not interfere with the show’s season opener.

One year ago today, our newly sworn in President ordered the closing of Gitmo. Barack Obama has now been in office for one year. It ain’t gonna happen.

Haiti continues to try to recover her desperate people from the devastation of the worst quake in ages. Our military government is doing everything in its power to … help.


The Democrat’s loss of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Mass… is just mindbogglingly ridiculous.

I’m sure I’m leaving out a few things. (Oh yeah, hope you didn’t miss this).  

And now, one year in, we have this SCOTUS ruling. We The People have been voted off the island. The corporate takeover is official and completely out in the open. They don’t even bother to try to hide it or spin it anymore. Its not just the rug pulled out from under our feet, its the whole floor.  Earthquake style.

Sigh. Oh well. Good bye America. It’s been nice knowin’ ya.

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  1. I can almost see Costa Rica from my house.


  2. Ya, wouldn’t want to interfere with anyone’s tv watching for just a pesky sotu address…

  3. over the PUBLISH button at orange. Y’all have emboldened me. Goin’ outside for a smoke first. heh.

    • TMC on January 22, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    Some how I thought this was appropriate in more ways that one.

    Has anyone seen the center fold pics of our latest Senator? WOOHOO!

  4. My gf is from Montreal. It’ll be beachfront in the next 20 years anyway. We had started discussing it but after this ‘decision’ we decided to step up our timetable…

    • Xanthe on January 23, 2010 at 1:53 am

    annoying today.  He thinks he is so so smart – and he kept repeating to Rep. Grayson that he [Grayson] was playing to the netroots, that that was “netroot talk” – only the netroots thinks that  – etc. etc.  He obviously holds the “netroots” in disdain – well, he is a splended journalist and all.  

    Also – on CNBC – Maria seemed kinda subdued after the speech Obama gave in Ohio.  So did her panelists – I think they are a little cowed by “populism”.  She is usually much more forceful a voice for “the markets.”  

    Also Glenn Greenwald writes a surprising column as to the Citizens United ruling – It’s dense but he and Spitzer agree with the ruling in the legal sense.  I only read his column thru once – and it’s been awhile since I’ve worked in law, but it is stunning.  Also, Ian Welsh is now advocating that Americans leave the country now after that ruling – he calls it “soft faschism.”  

    Why don’t I just watch the soaps? Wouldn’t I be happier? I’m am increasingly anxious.

    As to the Obama speech – he is in campaign mode. ?? I want to believe he is taking a turn.

    • docbonk on January 23, 2010 at 4:07 am

    much I miss Carlin  

  5.  Time’s a-wastin’. It’s time to organize.

    Interesting comment thread at FDL/The Seminal in Rusty’s excellent piece there.

    What are we waiting for?

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