R. F. Kennedy Jr. Destroys Coals Blankenship

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Last night I put up a quick diary at DKOS about a live online broadcast on a forum, debate, on the Future of Energy being held at the University of Charleston and streamed live to what looked like a full house. They have quickly broken up the video into three parts and placed them on YouTube as well as the Real News Networks website. The forum is about an hour and a half long and while civilized, as it should be, Kennedy keeps putting down pretty much every sorry excuse Blankenship tries to use in defending what he and the coal corporations are doing to West Virginia and the Heritage and Beauty of that State and this Country in the name of Great Wealth for the very few and less and less for the workers and residents of West Virginia and well beyond their state borders!

This is how they introduced the forum to the public:

The Forum on the Future of Energy is a public forum that will include a conversation between Don Blankenship, chairman and CEO of Massey Energy, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., president of Waterkeeper Alliance and an environmentalist. During the event, Blankenship and Kennedy will discuss environmental issues and energy policies that have an impact on jobs and the economy as well as national security. The event moderator will be Edwin H. Welch, president of the University of Charleston.

One of the first things to impress, whether you’ve heard Kennedy speak before or not, is his passion for the subject as well as his knowledge of not only what’s going on but the history leading up to. One thing I quickly picked up on from Blankenship is the overused talking points on  the fear factor of security of the country, his apparently feeling of his strong patriotism, but really for wealth and thus power alone, he mentions “terrorism and blowing up planes” a number of times while arguing against alternate energy development, as if that is the reason the criminal element of terror justifies the destruction of the Country as we knew it and should be leaving in tack to those who follow as most of it was left, and protected, for us.

Criminal Terrorist comes in many forms of destructive force!!

And this is last nights forum:

Forum on the Future of Energy part 1

More at The Real News

Forum on the Future of Energy part 2

More at The Real News

Forum on the Future of Energy part 3

More at The Real News

I understand the person or persons at DKOS with the DKGreenroots Series are planning just that a series of posts on the many issues, coal and coal mining being a part of, on these extremely important issues in the coming days. I would hope some use this forum and it’s video’s in their much better coverage then I can give it.


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    • jimstaro on January 22, 2010 at 15:26

    To Blankenship on his continued use of “security” and “terrorist blowing up planes” I didn’t hear you once say a thing about what this country was highly noted for across the globe, it’s leadership in innovations and quality workmenship, nothing was mentioned by you, a corporation head, on leading in developing the New Energy Resources that we can then pass on to the rest of the countries, instead you seem to be belittleing this countries majority citizens, those who actually work, for your greed to be unhindered in it’s growth!

    Well there are a new generation of Combat Veterans, thanks to your clic of corporate greed, of our present occupations who say “No!” to you and the others like you, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of Operation Free who are pushing back on your destructive leadership and pushing for Alternatives for the National Security of this Country and it’s citizens!!

  1. He knows his stuff, and is a true fighter.

    I wish he had run for the NY Senate seat.

    • Xanthe on January 23, 2010 at 14:17

    his father’s name.  

    He knows whereof he speaks.    

    • Xanthe on January 23, 2010 at 14:26

    fearmongering – absolutely spot on.  There’s nothing the corporate elites can’t bend to the terrorist argument.  

    Sadly, are we still highly noted for leadership in innovations and qualityworkmanship?  – or sending for tanks, robot planes, and young American citizens and mercenaries across the globe?   Since jobs are scarce, one of my fears is a huge armed force due to that unemployment – and one which can be used here during even peaceful demonstrations.  I have to say that I was scared when the Chicago police put on those helmets that covered their faces during the Iraq War marches.  One of our legal groups had to go to court because their badges and names were covered.  Shortly thereafter, their names were visible.  Can we always count on courts to rule this way?

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