Yes, I am hanging out here. :) (If that’s OK.)

Hey guys –

So I understand that some of you are kind of worried about the GBCW that I posted on Dkos yesterday (well, early this morning), and I’ve had a few requests from DD folks to just delete that diary, take a break from The Kos, and then come back when I’m ready.

Yeah. I’m not going to do that. Here’s why:

When I deleted last night’s rant, it was really just the final straw for me. I cried a lot but, today, I don’t regret my decision at all. It was a good, solid decision for me to make, actually, and it frees me up to explore other ways that I can write without all the name-calling bullshit attached to it. I mean, I’d like to start posting here regularly, and maybe a few other places, too. And I’ll probably start up my own website at some point.

I’m 40, ya know? I’m too old for that kind of drama. I don’t want it anymore.

I do want to sincerely apologize for those Docudharma people who rec’d and/or tipped last night’s rant diary (the “stop defending him” one), since I deleted it. I didn’t want to delete it, but I felt that I had no choice. I think that many folks fell asleep and couldn’t unrec it. The comments were literally getting beyond ridiculous, and I don’t need that kind of stress. Shit, no one needs to be run out of town by an entire mob who hates your guts. I didn’t find the experience pleasant at all, because the mob was louder than the supporters and stuff. I was yelled down over and over again, and I found the experience really third grade. Frankly, it was fucking stupid.  

The bottom line is that some people read into the diary/made assumptions of the diary, and probably just saw what they wanted to see. No amount of rationale or logic was going to talk them out of some kind of bizarre vendetta to get me to admit that I was wrong, I was stupid, I was divisive, etc. etc. Hell, they’re still arguing in the GBCW diary occasionally. And if you’re going to spend THAT much of your time hating on somebody else, I mean seriously, don’t you have an elsewhere to be?!

Besides, I don’t think the Dkos Management likes me much, anyway. I’d rather just write about things I’m interested in here, and at other websites, and go that way instead.

Please give me a few days to return e-mails and phone calls and such. This has been a huge (HUGE!) learning experience for me and I need a little time to lick my wounds and to process and stuff.

Oh, btw buhdy, an ex-Kossack friend of mine e-mailed me last night to let me know what a complete failure I was (heh) and she was absolutely convinced that you were brainwashing me. So let’s get started on that. 🙂

Love you guys! Thanks bunches for your support.

P.S. I’ll contact Angry Mouse about continuing to write diaries for SheKos, but I think I’d only be willing to do that if someone else is going to moderate the comments.


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  1. Alright, I need to get used to that again. 🙂 Heh.

  2. Make yourself at home.  Write about whatever you want.  Whenever you want to (3 a day is ok here).  Folks here are extremely kind, will not beat you up even when they disagree, and they will attempt to follow Rule No. 1, “Be excellent.”

    I read your two last diaries at Naranja.  Also the comments.  All the more reason to come over here.  And stay away from there for a while.

    I still post every once in a while at Naranja.  Usually reluctantly.  Last night I got a comment that told me quite vehemently that I don’t know what I’m talking about when I write about Latin Americ and that I’m a bad writer.  Also, that I’m anti-democratic and pro-authoritarian.  Wow.  Makes my head spin a 360.  That won’t happen here.  

    • TMC on December 7, 2009 at 2:36 am

    Yes, buhdy will brain wash you with dharmakarma.

     I still think you should have done what I and a few others have done, just leave without comment. It gives you the door to return without any one calling you out on your diary.

     I was going to do that again because of the third grade mentality and the knee jerk administration response but was convinced to do otherwise. We all must choose our own path. I think GBCW diaries just give the third graders an opportunity to throw more mud pies. I’d rather not give them that chance.

     Fortunately for us, that means you’re here. It’s good to hear you are no worse for the wear and tear. Pull up a pillow, we are a lot more laid back and make yourself comfy.

  3. Just a word of caution, after a, uhm, er, event like that last night, some people might wander over here to look around for falling debris. They may not comment or make their presence known, but I believe it to be true. I, of course, have zero evidence of this whatsoever. heh.

    It aint nirvana, but we do give ponies.

    Sorry you took such a hit there last night. My sense (I was there!) was that it was just one of your basic Saturday Night Blast-Away diaries and it wouldve been fine if (some) ppl wouldnt take everything so damn serious. Its not like they dont know AND LOVE your style. sheesh.

    anyway… good to see you… ponies all around!


  4. I  ( frandor55 dkos ID) am giving Orange a break, I haven’t posted  a comment there in over week.

    I don’t want dwell and deconstruct the whole dkos soap opera, but basically I find there is an excess of negative, bratty energy there.

    I don’t care what Orange’s membership count is, lame is lame.

  5. I have watched my four month old german shepard puppie lick the wounded ears and tumor of my geriatric ten year old boxer.  How do these “dumb” animals know what ails their older contemporaries and why don’t we, humans, as the superior evolved species have zero empathy for our fellow superior evolved species.

    I hereby invite you to check out for the answers and after perusing even a few of the featured video series contained withing you may decide or not just how low on the scale of evil dailykos really ranks.

    • jamess on December 7, 2009 at 4:55 am

    This community, is definitely a cut above

    3rd Grade, LOL!

    Although I would say that dKos,

    if much more like Jr High!

    No one deserves the kind of bile,

    that routinely gets pinned on the Comments boards, there.

    very juvenile indeed.

    anywho, welcome.

    • Miep on December 7, 2009 at 5:00 am

    But blogging over here gradually got me realizing how much I’d been letting naranja brainwash me, though.

    People here have a wide variety of relationships to DK, or lack thereof.  

  6. glad to have you here, Shiz. You just gave me another reason why i really, really, really love being a dharma bum at heart.


  7. and can only say, deleting a diary is a freedom in life, and if anyone else doesn’t like it, screw em.  Hang in there sweetie. I haven’t been hanging out here as much as I’d like lately, kind of in a slump as far as politics.  But if I’m active, this is my first stop.  I like the people.  But the Afghan thing got me fired up again so I think I’ll be around more.  

  8. creativity. Honest and authentic dialogue requires some personal risk taking in order to break down ideological walls that work to separate people. My most enjoyable conversations are the ones where paticipants are passionate, quite willing to reveal much about themselves, but are always willing to put themselves in other’s shoes.

    For when you put yourself in other’s shoes, it’s hard to objectify them through the “political process”. They become real people with real life and death issues that must be morally addressed through the political process.

    Some things should not be compromised and put off.

    • Inky99 on December 7, 2009 at 8:42 am

    I was about to lose my shit on that place, when they banned me.  

    It turned out to be a real blessing, because I came over here.   Also, it made me sit back and look at how far downhill that place had rapidly descended.

    Sometimes when I’m really bored I’ll go over there and read and I feel like taking a shower afterwards.

    I think what is true about that place now is also true about a lot of groups, and that is that the noisy assholes set the tone, even if they’re in a minority.

    Which is too bad.  

    But you see it all the time in life, the people who mean the best often stay the quietest.

    Which I really don’t get.  If I see someone being a bully, or abusive in any way, I just jump right in.   It gets me in a little bit of trouble sometimes, but so what?  

    I read your post from yesterday and agreed with it about a zillion percent.  

    There was actually a really good one tonight about the Five Stages of Grief and being a Democrat, and how most of them are in the “Denial” stage.  It was actually pretty good, very funny and very fitting for those of us who have gotten past the denial stage.

    I can’t believe I’m talking about DK here, but I guess that’s what this thread is about!

    The vibe here is so very different.   The quality of the people here is just fantastic.    

  9. to see ya here!  I usually work really long shifts on weekends, so I show up in the wee hours (Eastern time) going WTF just happened? — and that was the case with your GBCW last night.

  10. Who would ever do such a thing?

    • dkmich on December 7, 2009 at 11:37 am

     😉 But you do have to watch out for Buhdy.  He coats our keys with kool aid, which is how he controls our minds and assures that we don’t screw up Obama’s master chess moves.  

    I am sorry that your feelings got hurt by that crew.  For a reality based community, there is little of it.   In any event, welcome.  We are happy to have another free thinker and kind human join our cult.  

    • Inky99 on December 7, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    For a while it just seemed histrionic and sad and pathetic, but there’s starting to be a weird, desperate and delusional vibe over there that reminds me of Palin supporters.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a place go so rapidly into the toilet.

    Anyone who’s any good over there gets either banned or quickly leaves on their own.

    There’s another one tonight, I was just reading the best diary over there I’ve read in a few days (yes, I’m bored lately).   And after 273 comments the writer told everybody to fuck off and he was not gonna come back.

    The Five Stages of Grief for the Party of FDR..

    Check it out, it’s awesome!

    But after dealing with the douchebags, the guy comes back and says this:

    This was my test of DK. It failed. (1+ / 0-)

    DK is the biggest bunch of kool-aid drinkers I’ve seen. I’m going back to Democratic Underground, where you can at least express reasoned doubt without the self-righteous DINO-deniers who somehow think that they benefit from the current administration.

    So they just drive the good people away.  They don’t want to be good.  They want to have their own little suck-bubble.  

    I say let ’em.

    • Wom Bat on December 7, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    better quit brainwashing us because I treasure my dirty mind. 🙂

  11. I obviously have mixed impressions since, I originally thought of you as someone who could stand up to party pressure, and a lot of the brianwashing that goes on at DK. But you seemed for a long to time, to be fine with it, so I got into that argument with you at the Michael Moore diary, after you called yourself an Obamabot, humorously I suppose. Just to ask you what you were doing. What was it that makes a person an Obamabot and at what point is it okay to speak out. Looks like you tested those boundaries yourself, with that diary yesterday. I think the answer to my question is never is it okay to speak out if you are a REAL supporter of the president.  

  12. and I’ve been getting disenchanted with them lately and I like your writing so I followed you over here and got an account.  Too many good writers are being chased from that site for my tastes, and too many of the commenters have become predictable.  

    I hope you heal quickly. You were treated badly at that other place and that was unfair.  

    • Xanthe on December 7, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    and my friends concur.  The 40s are a wonderful decade – the best!  You’re still in good shape physically (women especially come into their own if they take a bit of care).  The baggage is a little easier to handle, since you’re used to it.  You’ve put the past behind, or at least you take what you need and move on.  You understand gratitude big time.  It comes if you wait on it.  Unfortunately, it goes as well – but heck — you’ve got ten years.  

    • UTvoter on December 7, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    but heard about the GBCW and in my comment on it just two seconds ago, i said i was hanging out here too cause it has a much nicer atmosphere. and here you are! whew. ok then.  

    • TomP on December 7, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    It’s a good place with a core of compassion and love.  You will fit right in.  

  13. Photobucket

    • Turkana on December 7, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    the neighborhood…

  14. Let’s be honest–you deleted your diary, like you’ve done on other occasions, to “remove the evidence”.  That way, no one can reference your statements directly–they have to rely on memory, and can’t prove what you said.

    If you were really bothered by the comments, you could have just STOPPED READING THE DIARY AND COMMENTS and moved on.

    It is sad that people were “mean to you”, but you incited it.

    However, if you feel that DD is more welcoming to you, go with it.

    Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your presence at DKos is so important that you can get “moderated comments”.  Won’t happen–which is one of the things I like about DKos.  You don’t like the rough and tumble–I understand, and don’t hold that against you.  But, that’s what you get with an open community.

    Enjoy your time here–really–but you might consider whether moving to DD is a good opportunity to take a deep breath, decide not to play the victim game anymore, and reap the rewards of more civil discourse as a result.

    Good luck!

  15. Keep clam, as they say in the NW.


  16. and now I wish I hadn’t. 😉

  17. it would for me be a pleasure to be able to read you with out censorship and where there is still breathable air. The smell of fear and bs  makes it hard to enjoy the few remaining posters with something to say other then Follow the Leader no matter where he leads. Welcome their loss is our gain. You’ll find that reality is healing and most people are not as stupid as the mob scene left at kos.        

  18. From another recent blog immigrant. I don’t post much, but the folks here are kind enough to let me peruse, even though the lurker radar is always on. I am admittedly residing here incognito – Too inarticulate and too many digits in my UID for a comfy stay elsewhere.

    I invent my own punctuation, and people here are cool with it.

    Other annoying habits of mine are joining discussions late, posting and deleting essays, not hanging around for comments, and throwing buckets of self reflective filth at the wall to see if anything sticks.

    And people are cool with it.

    Getting back to the UID thing, how can a community be progressive if one of the favorite targets on a dissenter is their join date? Isn’t that the essence of staus quo thinking? I had no freakin idea what a UID was when mine became a subject of interest in more pundit-oriented places.

    Visceral real world accounts of knuckle-busting experience may be the stuff of ridicule now, but it’s probably worth a listen at some point. No one says you can’t be smug. It just might get you a few more votes not to appear that way, even if you have to lay aside the great American survival of the fittest thing for a moment.  

    I hate making people mad and wish I could rephrase all of this for each individual reader to avoid hard feelings. I don’t mean any harm and only want peace for the nice and the almost nice among us. But I was new to political blogging at a time when the poop was really hitting the fan in the national economy and in the future prospects for my local government. I spoke up too tentatively, but respectfully (if naively), and the innuendo flowed at once that I was a shill or a “starf***er”.

    That stuff was just wrong. Call me stupid, and you are probably close. Call me a dirtbag, and you have at least got history on your side, but why make up crap when the worst I am doing is telling you in fourth-grade terms what your best and brightest also say, only after it is safer to their brand to do so?

    I guess if anybody really wants to make a big stink over my thoughts here, we can work it out without a flame war. I am as willing now as ever to listen.

    Again. Wecome, CITS.    

    • dkmich on December 8, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    someone posted this link.  Thought you would like to know.  

  19. I think you will find the water to be much finer over here.

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