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Using the most powerful explosives they could and a normal sized pen, the Mythbusters demonstrated that a pen bomb could be fatal. However, they needed an unrealistically large pen to completely destroy the top half of the foam dummy they used.



The pressure is not high enough and the hole is too small. Explosive decompression only occurred when a hole the size of a window was made with explosives. Even then, the rush of air could not suck Buster completely out of the hole. Lastly, there are proven instances of explosive decompression where the plane was still able to maintain control and land.


2.8 OZ

Flight 253 terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s bomb was an explosive-packed condom sewn into underwear near his genitals, where al Qaeda operatives figured airport screeners were too squeamish to look, reports said.

What a package it was.

The condom was filled with a powdery substance called PETN — a relative of nitroglycerine. It was to be ignited by a liquid detonator substance, which Abdulmutallab tried to inject into the condom with a syringe, reports say.


Each time the U.S. bombs a new location in the Muslim world, the same pattern emerges.  First, officials from the U.S. or allied governments run to their favorite media outlet to claim — anonymously — that some big, bad, notorious, “top” Al Qaeda leader “may have been” or “likely was” killed in the strike, and this constitutes a “stinging” or “devastating” blow against the Terrorist group.  These compliant media outlets then sensationalistically trumpet that claim as the dominant theme of their “reporting” on the attack, drowning out every other issue.

Yet over and over and over, it turns out that these anonymous government assertions — trumpeted by our mindless media — are completely false.  The Big Bad Guy allegedly killed in the strike ends up nowhere near the bombs and missiles.  Sometimes, the very same Big Bad Guy can be used to justify different strikes over the course of many years (we know we said we killed him four times before, but this time we’re pretty sure we got him), or he can turn up alive when it’s time to re-trumpet the Al Qaeda threat (we said before we killed him in that devastating airstrike, but actually he’s alive and more dangerous than ever!!).  Just like the “we killed 30 extremists” claim or the “we got Al Qaeda’s Number 3” boast, this is propaganda in its purest form, disseminated jointly by the U.S. Government and American media, and it happens over and over, compelling a rational person to conclude that it’s clearly intentional by both parties.

My advice?

Stop being a coke mule you C.O.B.R.A. agent, G.I. Joe is sure to capture you.

Bwah hah hah hah hah.

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  1. An Interesting CATO page.

    Me?  I don’t believe in Conspiracy Theories.

  2. “The Rise of Cobra”.  Yeah.  Uh-huh.  Right on.  [snicker, snicker, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA]

    • dkmich on December 28, 2009 at 13:39

    Maybe Jane isn’t the only one looking for alternative paths to democracy.  

    • Diane G on December 28, 2009 at 15:33

    Diarrhea on a plane to Detroit is life threatening.


    Only if your the poor schmo who has to clean the stall when they drag the guy off the pot in the midst of explosive diarrhea.


    Sweet snark in the morning, Ek, you nailed it with wit and precision.  

  3. of resistance manifesto fame has been counting up subscriptions to youtube channels to get a pulse on the zombinality of American culture.  I think he has a point.

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