The Pope The Keurig The Sony Reader

All part of the Illuminati Plan to Destroy America.

I have come to trust my sixth sense.  That inner voice which tells me whats good and whats not.  It has saved me, given me great pleasure and insight into persuits vs wastes of time.  Let me start with the Keurig coffee maker.  Yes it gives you hot coffee in ten seconds.  It is quick.  It is “convienient”.  It plays into this rush, hurry up fast paced world.  But.

What does my palate tell me.  A hint of something not found in my conventional filter 10 cup coffee maker, a taste which takes two cups on two different days to isolate.  Ah, le caffe gourmee al al plastique!  Yes, I think it is, a hint of plastic taste.  Well, Ok this is unusual.  I smoke so why should I have  discerning taste buds yet it reminds me of the very toxic reaction I get to absolutely any diet drink.  Diet anything (aspertame you can Google) tastes like battery acid to me.

The engineer in me marvels at the little white plastic cups pierced by the coffee maker each time one uses the machine, whether it be one recommended by Great Coffee Brewers or anywhere else.  I also envision plastic tubes inside the machine that deliver the hot water.  May I gross you out?  Have you ever serviced the ice maker/water delivery system tubing on your fancy refridgerator.  That tubing used to be white also.  Should I mention that yes you have a ten second coffee but also a wasted little plastic cup.

Ok, so now I have ingested plastic residue, filled up an incinerator and occupied another plug in the 20 amp code required kitchen GFI receptacle.  My question is if the polar bears are drowning why was this even allowed.

Next up, the Pope.  I know millions follow him.  The head of the Holy Roman Catholic Church which is that combination of very good messages but also a history of smite them in the name of God.  I have spoken before about getting psychic impressions from pictures.  John Yoo, Leo Strauss, Alberto Gonzales all yucky, and evil.  It used to work only on seeing the picture for the first time, a first impression thing.  Well this current Pontiff, his eyes, I see the evil every single time, all the time.  I am sorry if that turns some people off, you can say I’m just some idiot crackpot, but the impression is powerful, very evil.

Last up is another convienience the Sony Reader.  The redeeming feature here is scaled fonts for us old farts who can’t see without the glasses.  The down sides are many.  You need a computer to download and pay for the books.  Since my NSA staff routinely fries my computer about once a month going through the authorize my ass, my wife’s particular serialized DRM encrypted reader and computer just might present a problem.  Again a “convienience” which costs $199 plus the $400 I paid for the laptop,$49.95 for Mcafee antivirus which did not stop a recent PcSecurity attack coupled with the irritation, the contempt I have for all things DRM.  It is not that I don’t support creative artists getting paid for their work, it’s only the corporate vision for DRMs potential I hold as a Satanic concept.  After all corporate can frisk my wife anytime they want and just because she works there her outside activities should not conflict with the undefined vendors, business associates, residents of and or the perceived interests of any of the above undefined and or otherwise abstract financial interests of The Center.  If she gets injured at work binding arbitration and not a real US regular court is a “condition” of employment.  A fingerprint scanner is required to enter The Center and instead of cost of living raises the entire facility was “upgraded” with a state of the art security camera system.  What is “The Center”?

It is a “health care” facility.

But back to the first books.  Her first two were about Bernie Madoff.  She wanted to point how to me just how corrupt capitalism had become.  She did point out some very relevant points and instances relating directly to our current health care debacle.  She even picked up on the book mentioning Bernie Madoff was involved with that infamous Illuminati name Rothchild.  

I looked on and smiled and said

“And why is Bernie Madoff a household name, because Rothchild uses him as a scapegoat, a single villified figure to divert the attention of sheeple and passify them, an illustration the the system works, it makes people stand down.”

Market me this.

A future for my grandsons

A job, no a way to contribute, to share my skills, even the ones anal control freaks may not agree with.

After all the small Clockworked Oranged half million post modern dystopia world just might get boring.  Why not instead reach for the stars.

The next book to purchase?

Richard Hoagland Dark Mission.

If and only if cyber security doesn’t reduce my marketing surveillance device to a smoldering piece of trash.


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  1. will suck even more than 2009 did.  I have spiritually prepared for that by no longer giving a flying fuck and an eighteen pack of shitty American Budwieser.  It is a long way from the local German beers and their bread which actually produced green mold after two days.

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