Third Grandson

It is supposed to be a happy time.  The anticipation of his arrival in February.  It is not an event calling for “Should I ask an attorney”.  I was left in disbelief at the news and I had to drive over to my daughter’s house.

Yes, it was true.

She is 30 weeks along.  A very rightous soul, country oriented and now furious about a test the doctor ordered.  It was a slap in the face, a bit of perhaps some miscommunication but more medical policy, ego, cover the doctor’s ass or whatever the sick societal reasons it was the perfect thing to piss my daughter off.

A drug test.  As in substance abuse?  My daughter?  I would have thought being a local doctor, in town they might have know her better than that.  Not today in this highly impersonal society.  Ah, but what other reasons for this?  Missed doctor appointments.  She says she missed one, they assumed she missed 4.  Well she told them she was going on vacation, in fact we had the opportunity to go twice for two weeks but still.

Missed appointments=Substance abuse test?

This also contributes further to my disgust with the medical system.  It’s now on her very young medical permanent record.  In spite of what HIPPA tells you about you “private” medical digital and thus instantly procured by anyone who wants it.  The chart is here.



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  1. What/how the fuck does a missed appointment equal a substance abuse test?  Unless one is a total asshole or maybe lives in an assholian Seig fucking Heil Nazilike quagmire such as today abuses his such high and mightly lofty status as Doctor my shit don’t stink authority.

    I suppose there is no law against just being a dickhead and here in “reality” the doctor may think nothing of the sort.  Procedure, living in a cesspool maybe or just kids having watched way too many “Ask your doctor for….” drug commercials on TeeVee.

    • Joy B. on December 9, 2009 at 02:17

    And while our erstwhile reps in D.C. argue whether or not women should be allowed to have babies – or any prenatal/delivery care – at all (and it’s not looking good). Is this Medicaid? My younger daughter is 8 months along on her second, has to go Medicaid because hubby’s out of work (used to be a real estate appraiser, LOL!!!). From #1 daughter’s experience with Medicaid in FL when she was pregnant with #1 grandson, it’s a regular racket. They tried hard to convince her to get a late abortion, she told ’em where to stick it and had the baby at home in the care of a midwife, my sister the RN, and me. Worked out fine, he’s in college now.

    It does seem like they should have actual cause for something like this. But of course, that would be a sane world and that’s not where we live.

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