Does the Netroots need a platform?

So I’m ask of all of you, would it benefit the liberal blogosphere to have some kind of a platform to unite around?  I’ll keep it brief, since this should be more of a discussion than a lecture.

Let the navel staring begin!

It could serve as a kind of Democratic purity test, a la Devilstower, but there’s no reason why it would have to be limited to Democrats or electoral politics, and I think it could serve a broader purpose than a purity test for politicians.  In addition to serving obvious political purposes, it could unite and potentially galvanize us (meaning Daily Kos and any other blog that signs on) as a community, and we certainly need that right about now.  If something like Afghanistan blows up in our face again, we could just point to the platform and say, “Hey, we’re all in this together.”

As I see it, it would need to be kept brief but specific.  This is for several reasons – both aspects would keep us from losing focus, there are probably only a few things that a vast majority of the community agrees on, and if it’s not specific then it becomes useless.  I mean, just about every candidate for office these days claims to want to protect the environment.  But not every candidate for office wants to end mountain top removal.

Ideally, what we put into the platform would be decided in a very democratic manner, although that’s fodder for another diary.  But we can still discuss what would be in the platform here.  Here are a few ideas I have of what the community could rally around:

1.  Marriage equality

2.  End mountaintop removal coal mining, or possibly end the use of coal as a fuel (although the latter has the potential to get fuzzy)

3.  No torture.  Period.

Obviously I only represent myself and not the whole community, so what are some ideas of yours?


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  1. And as it happens, I got us off to a start some time back.

    And as it happens, someone over at Closed Left posted an entry describing what we can do with just such a platform.

    Now, the platform I and some others crafted is by no means complete or perfect, but it can be improved upon and used as the litmus test for supporting and promoting candidates.

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