Get Ready. It’s Coming.

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I’m not advocating revolution, but a revolution is coming.  I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to, I wouldn’t stop it if I could.  The same conditions that triggered revolution in France in 1789, in Russia in 1917, in every land where governments were overthrown by the people are evident here.  The systems of oppression are different, but the consequences are the same. The faces of the political and economic elites are different, but their abusive agenda is the same.  The names of the oppressed are different, but their contempt for the government and intensifying anger are the same.      

The fuse of revolution is burning more slowly here, but it’s burning and it’s going to keep burning because the outrages never end, the lies never stop, the corruption keeps spreading and the patience of the people keeps wearing thinner and thinner, as jobs keep disappearing and the cost of living keeps rising and families keep suffering and anger keeps intensifying.          


I’m not calling for revolution, no one is calling for revolution, but that doesn’t matter. Revolutions become inevitable when government abuses become pervasive, when corruption becomes entrenched in the system, when leaders betray the people one time too many, when conditions simply cannot be tolerated any longer.

I don’t know if revolution is a year away, or five years away, or ten years away, but it’s coming.  I don’t know if it will be bloodless or bloody, but it’s coming.  I don’t know if it will make things better or make things worse, but it’s coming.  It’s coming because Republicans are a pack of scheming criminals and Democrats are a pack of craven cowards.  It’s coming because neither party has a fucking clue what honesty is, what integrity is, what responsibility is.   It’s coming because neither party gives a flying fuck about anything except power.  

America’s last chance for real reform came and went in 2009.   That last chance is gone because of this fucking idiot . . .

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He could have heeded the wisdom of Paul Krugman, but he listened to Larry Summers instead.  He could have heeded the wisdom of Dennis Kucinich, but he listened to Rahm Emanuel instead.  He could have ended the war in Afghanistan, but he escalated it.  He could have kept his campaign promises, but he broke them.  He could have upheld the rule of law, but he shit on it.  He could have given America real healthcare reform, but he’s giving us that pig of a bill and expects us to be grateful for it.

The fuse of revolution is going to burn faster as conditions keep getting worse and the economy keeps tanking and homes keep being lost and healthcare costs keep escalating and politicians keep betraying us.  If you aren’t ready for what’s coming, get ready, because it’s coming whether you want it to or not, its coming and the teabaggers still won’t have a clue what’s happening or why, it’s coming, it will blow this corrupt government away, it will blow the profiteers away, it will blow the bankers away, it will blow the corporate criminals away, it will shake this country to its foundations and shatter the lethal illusions that made revolution inevitable.            



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    • Rusty1776 on December 17, 2009 at 11:56 am
  1. he “shat” on it.  

    Otherwise,it’s difficult to disagree.  Obama had a very short time window and a very clear direction.  He fucked it, royally.  He used that short time window to do everything important wrong.  War, civil rights, health care, the economy.  Holy shit, the fastest fuck-up on record: 0-to-Fucked in 60 seconds!  Wait, that was Bush.

    Obama is rather, “Fucked-to-Terminally Fucked in 4 Seconds.”

    A lot of shitting and shatting can happen in 64 seconds.

    • Xanthe on December 17, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    this am re healthcare:  “(His) Obama’s problem is he started too far to the left.”  People like us think this is ridiculous but it passes for wisdom on television (and this guy probably gets paid well and has good health insurance). Obama didn’t start the healthcare debate until he sniffed the wind.  That’s the problem.  He didn’t have a moral view.  He never led because he didn’t want to be branded like the Clintons.  At least Bill owned his presidency.  And Hillary didn’t fear what the right threw at her (and still doesn’t). It is what it is.    

    The Pesident makes a mistake by going after Dean the way he has.  He looks petty. But the fearmongering (“the country will go bankrupt if it doesn’t pass this bill)reminds me of the ramp up in Iraq.  That is uber scary.  Has he been speaking to Cheney?

    Anyone would have a problem governing now – anyone.  But his lecturing to his base, and suck up to the Republicans and Democratic Republicans reveal he doesn’t really have a progressive outlook.  He should have come in with:  “Medicare for All – it will benefit all Americans.”   A powerful statement and then he could talk to us about how to go about this.  Instead, disaster.

    I’m worried about revolution too but think it may come from a rightwing idealogue.  That’s what scares me, and people who are scared gravitate to such a politician.

    Next up:  SS and Medicare!  Can we afford it?  

    P.S.  Last night I watched Mary Landrieu lecturing Howard Dean indignantly basically on being a Democrat.  The surrealism of this segment sent me reeling to the davenport while clutching my pearls and tasteful hankerchief.  What next?  It’s getting too entertaining for my taste.  This theatre has real consequences, and I shouldn’t enjoy it at all.

  2. I think that’s the worst part of it. No wait… like Alaska Palin… making the victim pay for their rape kit … they force us to pick up the tab and be grateful for the privilege.  Utter betrayal.

    Its been a long time comin’.

  3. is that more often than not lead to authoritarian control by people like Napoleon (1789) and Lenin (1917).

    I don’t doubt the upheaval that’s coming.  What I doubt is our ability to ensure that we get better leadership as a result.

  4. Nothing is gonna happen.

    You’ve still got football, right?

    Super Mario Bros?

    Nothing will happen until they pry the remote out of your cold dead hands.

    • on December 17, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    No comment.

    Holy shimoley!

    There ain’t no sharks left to jump!

  5. don’t want to use my psychic stuff to look at the future.  A good part about the paranormal laws of the universe say people have that ability to collectively influence/manifest their own destiny.  Ya, well OK, if people, enough people are collectively focused on a fire and brimstone Apocalyptic outcome that is what we will get.

    Consider the trifecta.

     A global plague

     A global financial melt down

     A global denial of real healthy food sources

    The “enemies” list.  What types of people/nations are on it.  Those who do not accept the western world’s definition of predatory parasitic capitalism.  Not that I am a socialist if one can even define such terms these days.  Some lamestream TV, NBC I think was telling me the proper “ethics” of how much and in what form I should tip my mailman in this Christmas season.  Land of the free, yeah right.

    • justCal on December 17, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    …you’re right,revolution is inevitable.In the worst case civil war.

    America still has some fat on it.That may buy enough time for positive change.But the Great Capitalist Liposuction Machine is running 24/7.

    The Lieberman/Obama health care bill is just the latest example of a system intent on sucking the last drop of wealth out of the people rather than creating wealth in positive and constructive ways.

    Obama’s worst crime? He has turned hope into a cheap joke,a game of three card monte,a bait and switch.

    When people lose hope they become desperate.

    And desperate people do desperate things.

  6. Yes it is…

  7. and “get ready for it”.

    No one person can get ready for that which they don’t know.

    What’s really funny is I’m not a survivalist, but for, oh, five years or so I have been studying everything I can get my hands on about doing certain things.

    Does anyone else here know the general design of how to build a wood gas stove?  Or how to make a windmill to generate power?  Or a solar power concentrator?  

    If there was to be a revolution there’s little chance conditions would remain, by and large, civilized, in this country.  We saw a miniature version a few years ago in Katrina what happens when an incompetent ineffective government faces a catastrophe unprepared.  Simply make Katrina a widespread thing and then tack a revolution on the end of that.

    I’m more interested in how you cope with a revolution like that.  I don’t like the survivalist point of view, it’s narrow and shortsighted.  I’m more interested in the ideas of building communities that could survive one intact.

    • on December 17, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Hell, Matt Taibbi called him a “buckdancer.”

    No wait that wasn’t it.

    Matt Taibbi called Obama “a Rochester.”

    No, no, that wasn’t it.

    Oh wait, here it is in the December 11 issue of Rolling Stone.

    Matt Taibbi called him a “vacillating ineffectual SERVANT.”

    That’s a link, with the proof.

    And the lefties ate that up faster than Letterman’s Barn Owl used to gobble up that rat.

    It’s OK to call Obama anything you like.

    Free speech!

  8. Rusty I wrote about “revolution” this morning & then just read your post – yes revolution is coming, like global warming this coming storm of revolution is headed our way. Rusty you are so right it is not about “calling for revolution”, this is an unstoppable, inevitable movement that has swept through history many times before & once again is knocking on humanity’s door.

    Our country is controlled by greedy, soulless Wall Street banksters, corporate owned political prostitutes, corporations whose only North Star is “profit”, more & more “profit” at the expense of We the People & finally the bottom-less pit, the #1 boondoggle of all time, the one trillion dollar per year black hole of death & destruction, the Pentagon where the dogs of torture & endless war are unleashed, the place where money that could be used for “true” health-care, education, job creation, a better life for all, this is where “our” money is squandered & drained away from We the People like a vampire drains the blood of life from its victim.

    The “entire” system is rotting from top to bottom. Our votes a meaningless. Our lives are controlled by sociopaths, monsters, the modern day ancestors of slave owners who ask us to accept their crumbs & tell us they care about us because they use whips of fine leather when they extract their pound of flesh. And now Corporate Captain Obama is content to just “steady the tiller” of the USS Corporate Empire.

    The insanity that is ruling America will only grow stronger, the people in charge are “insane”, their only god is “profit”, We the People are nothing but chained field hands to them, to do with as they please.

    There is only one word that will end this nightmare – REVOLUTION.

    Yes, no one needs to call for revolution.

    Revolution has always been the antidote to tyrants, the soulless monsters of greed & insanity.  


    Revolution’s calling.  Speak the Word.  The Word is all of us.

  10. I think you may be right — something, I’m not sure what, will come about!  And, as you know, Bush et al. were making plans for any “social unrest” — yep, built detention centers all over the country, trained the military for “urban warfare” — actual exercises took place in Indiana, California, and other sites, as I recall.  Enacted the National Emergency Act, you know, the law, that among enormous powers provided it, provided these measures, as well:

    A Congressional Research Service study notes that under the National Emergency Act, the president “may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens.” . . .

    But this Act also, as I recall, would allow the government to take control of all medical emergencies, including the control of doctors, elderly, etc.

    Of course, we could only assume that these were the characteristic scare tactics of the Bush Administration — but, to my knowledge, none of these treacherous Acts have ever been rescinded.

    But, unfortunately, what appears to be the greater likelihood of all aspects is, as is so evident, that we are rapidly headed toward 3rd world status. What can be done to halt it?

    Several things might happen:  one is that people, as suggested by exoevolution above, will become creative and find means “outside” the box and start up small companies in their communities, try to do everything to shirk the shackles of the corporatists and all such possibilities of that nature.

    Another possibility and a most threatening one is the necessity to become very involved in fighting global warming, which scientists have now told us is happening with greater speed than originally predicted.  All one has to do is look at the graphs, the melting ice-caps, etc. — it’s all very scary!

    So, yes, a revolution, but not necessarily one resembling past revolutions.      

    Hard to say, but something will happen — you know, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

  11. its happened before … here in the US

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. – Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government

    • Inky99 on December 17, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    and they now have troops stationed on American soil to be used against Americans.

    They know this is likely, and they’re already dealing with it.

    That’s why they’ve got all the crowd control weapons ready, the ones they’ve been testing on furriners …..

    JFK had that great quote about making sure revolution doesn’t happen, that it’s inevitable if you screw people over enough.

    It was a great quote and it was absolutely true.

    Ah, here it is, the Internet is soooo easy:

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    John F. Kennedy, In a speech at the White House, 1962

    • Inky99 on December 18, 2009 at 1:01 am

    Numerous high-level officials and experts warn that the economic crisis could lead to unrest world-wide – even in developed countries:

  12. I admire your passion and I would like to believe that change is coming, but right now I am too discouraged.

    I thought change was coming in 2008.

    Now I know that it won’t come.

    The banksters stole our money and got away with it.

    Our Congress has been purchased by the corporatists.

    The few leaders we have are listened to by so few that their impact is truly small.

    Our next elected leader will win the election with hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate America just like our current president did.

    Tell me what will change.

    The last revolution was won with the rifles of farmers.

    The latest revolution was won with the dollars of oligarchs and assured with the complicity of our elected officials.

    Fight them? With what?

    The game is fixed.

    I would like to be more hopeful right now, but I’m not.

  13. somebody let me know when it starts as I will most likely be at big orange blowing smoke and titling at illusions and I really don’t want to miss this.

    • B2Z on December 18, 2009 at 3:41 am

    I’m not advocating revolution, but a revolution is coming.  I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to, I wouldn’t stop it if I could.  The same conditions that triggered revolution in France in 1789, in Russia in 1917, in every land where governments were overthrown by the people are evident here.  The systems of oppression are different, but the consequences are the same. The faces of the political and economic elites are different, but their abusive agenda is the same.  The names of the oppressed are different, but their contempt for the government and intensifying anger are the same.

    This is laughable.

    So many long-haired, chick-searching, Che Guevara-wearing college students are what Lenin called, “…the idiot masses” that are used FOR the revolution, then executed once the revolution attained its goals.

    In 1945, the great partisan leader Tito had 250,000 communist partisans ( read:  the MEN and WOMEN who did the fighting against the Germans ) executed over a two month period.  

    In 1956, Ho had the local Vietminh militias murdered in order for the ICP to seize total power in Hanoi.  

    From 1975-80, Giap and the North Vietnamese Communists hunted down the Viet cong who had loyally served the party.  For 5 years, the VC guerrilla’s were hunted down, captured, tortured and executed so that there would be TOTAL control in Saigon.

    Save your fantasies about “revolution”.   There are none.  

    For most of you, revolution would be on the receiving end of a firing squad.  Ask the Vietnamese survivors (many former VC) who learned the hardway about “the revolution.”

    It is nothing more than death and firing squads.

  14. Oppressors had to get really really close to a crowd — to even kill the front row of angry people.

    No more. Killing remotely? Killing huge swaths of people? No problem.

    Drones, baby, drones, and all the other high tech weaponry, all of it. Sounds waves to blow out your eardrums, or make you wish they had. Heat waves to make you feel like your skin is boiling — or I forget, is it boiling?

    I’ve seen tanks on my street in the midwest, it’s a chilling sight.

    And they don’t even need to get that close any more.

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