How Many Democrats To Become ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’ In 2010?

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Olbermann’s Special Comment, Wednesday December 16:

“They must now not make the defeat worse by passing a hollow shell of a bill just for the sake of a big-stage signing ceremony. This bill, slowly bled to death by the political equivalent of the leeches that were once thought state-of-the-art-medicine, is now little more than a series of microscopically minor tweaks of a system which is the real-life, here-and-now version, of the malarkey of the Town Hallers. The American Insurance Cartel is the Death Panel, and this Senate bill does nothing to destroy it. Nor even to satiate it.”

“It merely decrees that our underprivileged, our sick, our elderly, our middle class, can be fed into it, as human sacrifices to the great maw of corporate voraciousness, at a profit per victim of 10 cents on the dollar instead of the current 20. Even before the support columns of reform were knocked down, one by one, with the kind of passive defense that would embarrass a touch-football player – single-payer, the public option, the Medicare Buy-In – before they vanished, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the part of this bill that would require you to buy insurance unless you could prove you could not afford it, would cost a family of four with a household income of 54-thousand dollars a year, 17 percent of that income. Nine thousand dollars a year. Just for the insurance,”

“That was with a public option.That was with some kind of check on the insurance companies. That was before – as Howard Dean pointed out – the revelation that the cartel will still be able to charge older people more than others; will – at the least – now be able to charge much more, maybe 50 percent more, for people with pre-existing conditions – pre-existing conditions; you know, like being alive.”

Part 2 on the flip…

Entire transcript at MSNBC.


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    • Edger on December 17, 2009 at 11:26 am

    How many democrats become a “pre-existing condition” in the 2010 midterms?

    • BobbyK on December 17, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    compromises has Lieberman had to accept again???

    I don’t hear the WH coming up with any specifics on this.

  1. Allow the Repukers and Blue Pigs to vote it down, then hang it like an albatross around their necks for 2010.

    Start over in 2011 and pass REAL health care reform.

    This bill is corporate welfare for the insurance industry.

    KILL . . . THE . . . BILL

    Celtic Merlin


  2. I’ll step right up and admit it.  What are they going to do?  Huh?  Deny my pre-existence?

  3. Reid (maybe not technically a b.d., but a useless, powerless, excuse for a “leader”), and Bayh.  Sadly, Nelson and Landrieu (a couple of my personal favs for return to their own dog house) don’t seem to be on the list of jackasses up for expulsion.  

    BTW, some of the more repulsive of the repubs up for re-election include:  McCain, DeMint & Shelby.

    God, the country, & the world would be a better place without these heartless pieces of garbage polluting the halls of power.


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