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Get Ready. It’s Coming.

I’m not advocating revolution, but a revolution is coming.  I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to, I wouldn’t stop it if I could.  The same conditions that triggered revolution in France in 1789, in Russia in 1917, in every land where governments were overthrown by the people are evident here.  The systems of oppression are different, but the consequences are the same. The faces of the political and economic elites are different, but their abusive agenda is the same.  The names of the oppressed are different, but their contempt for the government and intensifying anger are the same.      

The fuse of revolution is burning more slowly here, but it’s burning and it’s going to keep burning because the outrages never end, the lies never stop, the corruption keeps spreading and the patience of the people keeps wearing thinner and thinner, as jobs keep disappearing and the cost of living keeps rising and families keep suffering and anger keeps intensifying.