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Pony Party: Science Fiction Cats

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Pony Party is an Open Thread.  Please do not rec the party: but please contribute your own favorite sf stuff in the comments.

Olberman Goes There: Calls For Civil Disobedience

I didn’t think he had it in him:

(from DK)

With great sadness – and with full acknowledgment that this is hardly all his doing – I must also address this president directly, about his lack of leadership.

And he concludes:

There are many who can act here but the leadership must come from the White House, or we will see enacted into statute the equivalent of Medical Mobster Protection Money, the forced purchase of a product, by the citizens of this country, which is significantly regulated only in the establishment of a law requiring us to buy it.

     And in that event, I feel – and will express tonight – the necessity of violating any such law, as obviously, frequently, and loudly as possible.

Read the whole thing here:…

He’s right, and it may well be our only recourse.   Maybe it always was our only recourse.  

Beck:Guy Who Wants Change and is Executed is Ultimate Progressive Story

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Gone to far.

   Well, let’s think like someone in Massachusetts.  Okay. Let’s think like the progressive movement here. It’s still, even if you don’t believe in the whole Jesus story and you’re like ‘whatever.’  Let’s, can we learn anything from this. Let’s just assume that you’re a progressive and you’re like ‘he didn’t rise from the dead.’

   What was the story.  A guy who wanted change.  He speaks out against an oppressive government.  And, they execute him. What? For progressives, that’s the ultimate story.

~ Glenn Beck


American Values in a Nutshell

Here are American values in a nutshell.

  • Today, the House approved by an overwhelming 395-34 vote a ‘budget’ of $636 billion for 10 months for the Pentagon.

  • In November, the House passed by a narrow 220-214 vote legislation that would “cost $1.1 trillion over 10 years and extend insurance coverage to 36 million uninsured Americans.”

The Senate will approve the 2010 Pentagon funding later this month and its price tag will likely increase.

In 10 months, we Americans will allow the Pentagon to spend more than half of what the House is willing to spend on watered down health reform legislation during 10 years. The Senate cannot even be convinced to pass the bill the House barely approved.

This is an example of what we value as a people. I think it is morally and fiscally wrong.

This is what is wrong with Congress. This is what is wrong with America. This is what I think we must change if we are to survive as a nation.


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