Beck:Guy Who Wants Change and is Executed is Ultimate Progressive Story

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Gone to far.

   Well, let’s think like someone in Massachusetts.  Okay. Let’s think like the progressive movement here. It’s still, even if you don’t believe in the whole Jesus story and you’re like ‘whatever.’  Let’s, can we learn anything from this. Let’s just assume that you’re a progressive and you’re like ‘he didn’t rise from the dead.’

   What was the story.  A guy who wanted change.  He speaks out against an oppressive government.  And, they execute him. What? For progressives, that’s the ultimate story.

~ Glenn Beck


     I don’t know what to say.

    Call the FBI, demand the FCC Pull his broadcasting ability and his employers, end the circus, the animals are loose, the lynch mob is back, but instead of a hood it has a radio booth.

    Propaganda can kill.

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    By far the most insane argument that anybody could have about possibly justifying the continued employment of Glenn Beck should be automatically discredited for having any association with this psychotic murder fantasizing walking talking book salesman. The worst of the carnival barkers is out for blood. This. Must. STOP!!!!

    Boycott, screw that, let’s call the FCC. If they fined Howard Stern for cuss words and naughty girls there has GOT to be a fine for this, if not a lifetime banishment from the airwaves and the political spectrum.

    The time has come for somebody in power to put a halt to this madness, be it a single Republican with a conscious or some Democrat or Independent with the balls to call this what it is.

    Because Beck couldn’t paint a clearer, darker, more hideous vision, of the depths and darkness of his money lusting soul.

   Fuck Gold.

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     And fuck Glenn Beck, I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

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