Smash the State?

Back in the late 60’s I was part of a loose left-wing collective and we liked to chant “Smash the State” — we were sort-of anarchists and we were young and stupid. We held pep rallies, concerts and LSD was freely being taken. We ran from cops and kept moving.

I don’t think we really understood what we were trying to do. But I think all of us felt we needed to encourage our fellow humans to be fully human and less machine-like. We wanted to break laws and rules not just for the thrill of doing so but to liberate ourselves from our dreadful inheritance as Americans — something we dimly perceived but instinctually understood.

Liberated from the conventional many of us actually freaked out and went into a spiral of drug addiction or worse or we sought new conventions, new ideologies, new rigidities all freely for sale in grad school. The vigorous left suddenly turned into the denizens of the world of “political correctness” and academic hall monitors to make sure we didn’t stray. We see the result in blogs like DKOS.

But what do I mean by smash the state and is it something I can assert now? Perhaps we need to smash the state inside of each of us first. Smash the rigidities and narrow thinking that box us into not being able to see what is actually going on around us. I also mean to smash the need to have a state or at least this corporate/fascist/police state. We need to digest the history of this country — to see that this state has always tortured, has always committed massive crimes sometimes just for fun, or in order to “enlighten”savages, and always to make money and deals and more deals and more deals.

The state actually doesn’t need smashing. It has already been smashed by those that dominate the Rogue Economy which we are living in. What we need to do is to continue to resist the state that now does the bidding of criminals. Not that I have a particular prejudice against criminals — I used to have friends who were petty criminals (indeed I was one as well).

We should not be talking about health reform. We should be joining the right in resisting it. We should not be talking about how we can have an effective Afghan policy — we should be talking about removing our support for “the troops” and the international police state apparatus that spies on all of us and kills or tortures anybody that resists it. We should be talking about stopping support of the pretend party of the people (the Democratic Party) which is actually only part of the state. We need to assume that everything in the MSM is a lie because it is even if it isn’t literally a lie. What you see in the MSM is propaganda for or against one political group or another. In fact, to expect anything else is to ignore 20th century science and philosophy.

Resist the corporate state and learn to fend for yourself, your family and community. If you don’t have family or community then make the effort to connect — not through the internet but in the flesh. Don’t expect the state to protect you. Make sure you befriend your local law-enforcement people. Connect with people. Connect with people and the state, with its mechanistic mind set, will dissolve gradually but surely and another sort of order will emerge.  


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    • banger on November 14, 2009 at 03:25

    but here it is anyway  

  1. except the “anarchy” tags maybe … b/c as you say:

    another sort of order will emerge

    Ive commented before about the letting go … once you let go of trying to fix this system that we have, you are free to explore and think about re-building anew. (Did you see this one last month from Gottlieb?)

    Pheonix from the ashes and all.

  2. of the time. If that isn’t some kind of clue, I don’t know what is?  

    • dkmich on November 14, 2009 at 12:10

    much of anything.   I’d prefer the “what if they gave a war and nobody came” strategy.   Steadfast refusal to play the game is what is called for.  Don’t give them money and certainly don’t vote for them.  They say voting third party is a waste of a vote, but I don’t see how voting for either of the two parties isn’t a waste of a vote too.  So, if our vote is a waste no matter what, we might as well either enjoy it or don’t bother.    

  3. Now has to refer to the “Satanists” in the global elite.

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