Let’s Put Sarah Palin for President to Bed

I am sitting here watching Chris Matthews and his guests consider Palin possibilities.  They are talking about her book and her inability to take responsibility but her ability to get people to support her.  They spoke on her comment to Couric about being able to see Russia from Alaska, therefore being able to understand foreign policy with Russia and I swear I can’t tell if they are serious or not.  They are saying she is short on smarts and ability, but through all of this she IS a contender for president.  And it really seems like they are trying to be serious.

What is this?  I don’t have to go into her history as a character on the scene since her nomination for vice president, but how can you devote a segment of your show to bolster/ponder/consider this , I’m sorry, polarizing nitwit, as a real contender for president?

Something is wrong.  With Chris Matthews.  He offers that Palin impresses him even though her thoughts aren’t clear.  How can you try to propel this woman?  Chris better get out of town with this nonsense.

Why on earth does this woman not have to earn it?  Why are they giving her this?  Because she can move a crowd?  Because she can form a crowd?  The media has the ability to make or break or pass altogether.  And they are opting to give her handicap ponits?  This lady is Carrie Prejean on steroids.  Orly Taitz on a mild sedative, but not presidential,  Not smart.  Not a leader.  She quit her job.  She whines.  She attacks.  She polarizes.  She is currently at war with her daughter’s baby father, a mere teen, if twenty.  She believes there are 2 Americas and that it is her job to make the America she sides with win.

I am baffled by Chris’ segment on her.  I am not going to go backward from a sensible leader to insanity.  

In short, I want an apology from Chris from this segment of his show, or I want Chris to admit he’s a troublemaker.