A ban on an obscure word without a real explanation.

A high school rebellion of most dire consequences?  Hey kids I don’t blame you.……

I can’t blame the kids for lashing out against their adults.  I mean they are just starting out in life but media keeps telling them they are all gonna die.

They find a disconnect in the Newspeak their country puts out.…

There are many unspeakable topics they must learn about.…

They can’t figure out where to get their news.


I don’t have a Facebook account, will never have a Facebook account nor do I have a cell phone, Twitter, Tweet or a Zwinky.…

So even not having the capacity to fully check this out I have to side with the students and point them all to  It’s even better than Alex Jones and his

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  1. Lord Christopher Monckton completely trashes big Al Gore’s most convienient ruse!!!


    Off to save it, burn it, distribute it!

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