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Muslim veterans in Charlotte condemn Fort Hood shooting

The vets said they hope not all Muslims would be blamed for the actions of one man. The suspected shooter who killed 13 people is Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist who is said to be a devout Muslim.

“I’m not a terrorist. I love America,” said Salahuddin Hasan, a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Hasan and the other vets gathered at the Masjid Ash-Shaheed mosque on West Sugar Creek Road in Charlotte where Khalil Akbar is the Imam…>>>>>Rest Found Here

Notice, and it’s not hard to, that most of those who are condemning, and have been these past years, a whole group of people, in these times of a religious ideology and the regional countries they live in or are from, because of the acts of a few or in the Ft Hood Extreme Tragedy just one person, have never served this country in any form especially the Military and these aren’t only the talking heads of our opinionated, called news? programs, 24hr cable news? channels but also the civilians living in an extremist ideology of hate, racism and fear! Young enough to be serving in these two occupations of choice and the old farts who went out of their way to dodge the draft and service while many of us were sent to our other years long occupation of choice, Vietnam!

Service means No ideology, political and Especially religion, always has and always will, and us older Vets have known and served with many who Honorably Serve then are dumped by a Nation after that service.

Just like a society the Military is no different in it’s diversity and those that try and use diversity and condemn should and will be called out for their embedded hatreds and false flag waving!!


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    • jimstaro on November 12, 2009 at 15:00

    Commentary: Many Muslims have died in the service of America

    Leonard Pitts’ latest tackles ugly online comments about Muslims in the military.

    I would add to this, the meme’s of another group this past decade, So Have Many Hispanics, Citizen and Non Citizen!!

  1. Bronze Star, Purple Heart, killed in action

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